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Upgrading Drupal

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It is always recommended to upgrade to a new stable version any software you are using and Drupal is no different. The difficulty of upgrading the Drupal client can differ from the current version installed. You can do that either manually or through software, such as Softaculous.

Note: before making any changes, be sure to back up your current website.

The first thing you should do is to go to the Drupal website and download the latest Drupal version available.

Once the download is finished, you need to upload the Drupal files to your site. Create a new folder in public_html of your website, and upload the package of the latest edition. Extract the records file through cPanel’s File Manager. If you do not use cPanel, you can use an FTP client for this.

You should have the latest edition uploaded in the folder named Drupal_new. Now, you have to copy all the essential files and directories from your old version of Drupal. Go to your previously created backup and copy the .htacess file, files and directories and replace any existing files.

Navigate to cPanel -> File manager -> public_html -> Drupal_new/sites/default directory and open the file named settings.php. Modify the following line:

$update_free_access = FALSE;

You should change it to:

$update_free_access = TRUE;

This change will allow you to run the update.php from your web browser.

Next step is to update the database so that it moves to the http://name of the domain.com/Drupal_new/ update.php

Left click the Continue button. And a list with the pending updates will be available. Left Click on the Apply pending updates button to apply the latest update.

For security reasons you must turn the $ update_ free_ access back to false in settings.php:

$update_free_access = FALSE;

Open a new window in the web browser and go to the website you have just upgraded.

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