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Drupal Requirements

Before using Drupal, you must have some other applications installed and running. This guide will give you an idea of what you should have in order to run a Drupal website.


  • Apache can be automatically configured with mod _rewrite on the web servers. You can use this for the URLs of Drupal.

The size of the Drupal installation will be based on how much data you have in your website other than Drupal core files, which are just around 15 MB. The size also depends of which version of Drupal you have installed


  • PHP takes up about 16 MB disc space. Depending on the use of the site or modules installed, PHP size may vary.
  • PHP extensions for linking to your database have to be installed and enabled. Some of the currently supported relational database management systems for Drupal are MySQL, MySQL-I.
  • PHP-XML extension. This extension is enabled automatically on all web servers.
  • A picture library for PHP such as GD library is required for handling pictures.


  • Drupal 6 and previous version supports MySQL 4.1 or the higher versions.
  • The latest Drupal 7 version will support MySQL 5.0.15 or newer, and needs the PDO extension database for PHP.
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