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Drupal User Management

One of many Drupal features is the ability to quickly and easily adjust user rights. User rights can be adjusted from the Admin section of the Drupal – in the People section.

Here you can review the registered user list in your system and edit their roles and what permissions these roles have.

In the Update Options a drop down list permits the status of a selected account to be blocked, lost, promoted to administrators or demoted to normal clients.

You can also add a new client or modify a current one by using the same method.

Rules for Access

In this section you can manage the Access rules which impose limits for the users of your website.


Here you can control the access to certain segments of your website by organizing Permissions. This section covers all permission types that are directly associated with posting content.


In the Roles section you can place global authorizations for a group of clients by essential roles such as an authenticated user, unidentified user, Admin, etc.

User settings

You can easily configure automatic functions of users by including e-mails or pictures of the user in the registration page.

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