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How to Create and Manage a Drupal Vocabulary

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To create a vocabulary you need to complete only a couple of steps

  1. Navigate to admin->structure->taxonomy
  2. Click on Add vocabulary and name it
  3. Give it a description (optional)
  4. Click Save

Now you may set up the vocabulary further. Here are the three main options:

  • Edit vocabulary – allows you to edit the settings of a created vocabulary
  • List terms – shows the list of all items that are currently in a particular vocabulary
  • Add terms – permits you to add a new term to an already created vocabulary

By default, there will be no terms whatsoever when the vocabulary is created. You have to make the terms for the vocabulary yourself, using Add terms.

You may modify any vocabulary when creating it or when using the Edit vocabulary function. Here are the functions you can use:

Freetagging – allows users to tag content themselves

Hierarchy – provides you with a branching taxonomy diagram

Multiple select – enables users to categorize nodes by multiple terms

Related terms – allows connections between various terms within the vocabulary. Also can be viewed as “see also” references

Types – types you to associate a vocabulary with a node or nodes. This works the same way as a category would

Weight – this setting allows you to change the importance of a vocabulary thus it will be shown higher or lower in lists depending on it.

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