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VPS South Africa

Lightning-fast and highly customizable VPS hosting in South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa
from $3.00 / month
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VPS South Africa overview

High Network Speed
Enjoy fast connection speed and low latency in African region. Our professional network administrators make sure your connection speed is always as high as possible by thoroughly detecting any network anomaly.
Enterprise Hardware
Place your South Africa VPS on the next-level hardware with hot-swappable disks to preserve stability, multiple Internet lines and blistering connectivity.
DNS Management
A hassle-free solution for your domain management – create and edit your domain zones with no extra support.
Intel Xeon Processors
Speedy and sustainable processors with higher core counts can handle any workload – there is no speed deceleration.
Full DDoS Protection
Get rid of unexpected interruptions! Our DDoS protection covers up to 40 Gbit/s of a single attack free of charge.
Smart Response Technology
Intel® SRT recognizes and collects your mostly used data, stores it into built-in SSD drives, which accelerates the whole data usage process.
Johannesburg, South Africa
Over 15,500 square feet data center is characterized as the largest provider of hosting services in Africa. A high-speed fibre network, bulk power supply and sustainable IT solutions ensure that your server is running with unmatched connectivity, high uptime standards and continuous power supply.

What do our customers say?

Joshua Purcell Facebook @Joshua Purcell I now have two dedicated servers here and they're by far the best for price. Network speed has averaged 98.9 MBPS both ways since I got my first server
Leonardo P Shopper @Leonardo P they are really good, the VPS performance is ok and the costumer support is very nice
Jose C Shopper @Jose C Good prices and easy setup, thanks!
Ryan Shopper @Ryan Awesome prices, good customer service, no problems with the server thus far(this is my second review i believe) I mean a VPS is a VPS, but this is a VPS for less, especially if you use a coupon(just google it, thats what I did. All in all, I'm most likely going to stay with host1plus
Elton Moreira Facebook @Elton Moreira The best !!!
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Point your server to any other destination. The closer you get – the lower latency and higher network speed you receive
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What else is there for you?


Put us to the test! Try our services without any risk and get your money back if we don’t meet your expectations.


Our experienced in-house tech support is capable of solving your issues in seconds! Just give us a short notice through our ticket system in your Client Area or directly at support@host1plus.com.


Fair prices guaranteed! Enjoy your hosting services with no extra costs.


Always on the go? Easily manage your services using any mobile device.


Enjoy one of the most popular and well-trusted control panels on the market! Sign up and get a full license for only $12.00 per month.

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Data taken at 21/08/2015
CPU 2 Core 1 Core 1 Core 1 Core
RAM 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB
Disk Space 80 GB 50 GB 80 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth 2000 GB 400 GB Unlimited 100 GB
Price $19.00 $23.02 $61.60 $22.33
OS Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, Suse CentOS, Ubuntu Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, Suse, Slackware CentOS, Ubuntu, Microsoft Server 2008, Microsoft Server 2012, Microsoft Server Enterprise, Microsoft Server DataCenter
DDoS Protection
DNS Management
South Africa Data Center Locations Johannesburg Cape Town Johannesburg Johannesburg
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Ask questions, get answers!



Which control panels can I install on my VPS?
You can install open source control panels or any other web server management panel by yourself such as cPanel, ISPconfig, Plesk, Ajenti, Kloxo, OpenPanel, ZPanel, EHCP, ispCP, VHCS, RavenCore, Virtualmin, Webmin, DTC, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, SysCP, BlueOnyx and more.
What virtualization do you use for VPS hosting?
We are currently using OpenVZ virtualization.
What payment methods do you provide?
Our accepted payment methods include credit cards, Paypal, WebMoney, Alipay, Skrill, Ebanx, PaySera, CashU and Bitcoin. However, depending on the country you come from, some methods might be restricted.
If you have trouble accessing your chosen billing method from your account, please open a ticket at support@host1plus.com - we're always happy to help!
What happens when my CPU limit is reached?
If you are overusing your CPU you will receive a notification that the power of your processor is temporarily limited.
You can review your CPU power usage on the statistics page in your Client Area (for more information click here).
If you want to avoid reaching the limit, you can upgrade your CPU in your Client Area (for more information visit click here).
How to reinstall an operating system (OS) on my VPS?
To reinstall an OS on your VPS, log in to your Client Area and click Services > VPS Hosting. Read more.
How to purchase extra-care service for my VPS?
Log in to your Client Area and click on Services > VPS Hosting. Read more.
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