Host1Plus Repositions in Asia, Reveals a New Location

The international hosting provider Host1Plus announces the shutdown of its Singapore location, whilst the company prepares for the launch of a new collocation in Hong Kong


This week Host1Plus announced a temporary retreat from Asia due to the shutdown of its Singapore location. The company states that this is a temporary halt of its presence in the region, as the preparation for the launch of a new collocation in Hong Kong are in process. The exact date of the new location launch is yet to be known and will be announced later this year.


To date, Singapore has been the hub for web hosting users. Host1Plus has already notified current clients about its retrieval from Singapore. All customers using the servers in Singapore will be upgraded to cPanel and may choose from 3 different locations to transfer their web hosting services. The retreat from Singapore is initiated in order to strengthen the position of the company in Asian market, thus increasing service quality and availability for the customers in the region.


Aistis Zenkevičius, the CTO of Host1Plus, claims that Hong Kong is the most important location in Asia-Pacific when it comes to data center facilities, available network bandwidth and reach. “New data center facilities in the region will allow us to bring the same set of services as in other premium locations around the world. This is also exciting news for our growing Chinese customer base, as we’ll be able to link directly with mainland China and APAC,” he says.


The shutdown of Singapore location is scheduled for September 1st, 2015, 12:00 GMT. All customers will be informed about the status of the transfer of their services by email. Additional questions may be sent directly to



About Host1Plus


Host1Plus is an international hosting provider, offering a range of services from domain name registration, shared, VPS and reseller hosting to dedicated servers and SSL certificates. Host1Plus provides affordable and customizable solutions to meet the needs of bloggers, developers, web designers and business owners in managing their online assets. The main values of Host1Plus include network stability, service reliability and excellent customer care. Founded in London, UK, in 2008, the company now has a global presence with multiple data centers and local support teams in Africa, Europe, North and South Americas; some operations are directed from Kaunas, Lithuania and Frankfurt, Germany.