Host1Plus Renews UI, Introduces More Control Options

The international hosting provider Host1Plus releases a renewed version of internal UI with simplified interface and more management options


Last week Host1Plus introduced a renewed UI that is expected to enhance customer service management experience. Previous UI changes in July were implemented with a strong focus on UX expertize. However, due to customer behavior analysis and customer expectations, the company found it crucial to perform further changes.


Along with minor improvements, major changes were made to VPS and dedicated servers service control panels and DNS management. The latest UI renewal resulted in a user-friendly interface and highly convenient service management options.


The renewed UI, or the so-called Client Area, provides an all-in-one approach in service management. VPS and dedicated server statistics are displayed in a single page along with full service details. Dedicated server management panel is supplemented with more control options on the user side, including rescue, soft and hard reset modes.


DNS management panel remodelling was initiated due to confusion caused by lack of information on DNS management options. As a result, DNS management interface elements were redesigned and complemented with informational tooltips.


Saulius Vikerta, the senior designer at Host1Plus, claims that Host1Plus has finally reached functional maturity of service management. “We bring high requirements for the quality of customer experience. In general, the perception that good system functionality is enough is doubtful while there is much more under that. Convenient UI is equally important, thus recent changes were triggered by the experience of our customers”. All changes were initiated by customer feedback and behavior analysis. According to Saulius Vikerta, customer perception plays the supreme role in entire UX development.


This year, in order to match the demands of its multicultural client base and improve UX, Host1Plus implemented multiple changes to the internal UI and initiated language localization. As a result, the internal UI is now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Lithuanian. 


About Host1Plus


Host1Plus is an international hosting provider, offering a range of services from domain name registration, sharedVPS and reseller hosting to dedicated servers and SSL certificates. Host1Plus provides affordable and customizable solutions to meet the needs of bloggers, developers, web designers and business owners in managing their online assets. The main values of Host1Plus include network stability, service reliability and excellent customer care. Founded in London, UK, in 2008, the company now has a global presence with multiple data centers and local support teams in Africa, Europe, North and South Americas; some operations are directed from Kaunas, Lithuania and Frankfurt, Germany.