Host1Plus presents significant changes of website design

Host1Plus – the international hosting service provider presents some significant website improvements dedicated to better understanding of the services.

London, United Kingdom, December 16, 2011 – Host1Plus London based international hosting services provider, known for its cheap VDS services based on cloud technologies has introduced new design changes. The new design solutions allow users to choose the hosting plan easily by the needed applications or server resources.

“We have changed our VPS hosting page design. Now the customers can count the prices according some server resources which include RAM, CPU, HDD space and bandwidth. We had a really challenging task to depict the prices for 20 various plans and our professional designers have introduced one we are still amazed of. Also customers can choose among some applications which require particular amounts of resources. Hopefully customers like it.” – Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO said.

The design improvements has been done to VPS hosting page where customers can choose which application they want to install – Magento (e-commerce CMS), WordPress (blogging), Drupal, Joomla or RubyOnRails (website CMS), cPanel, ISP Config, OpenVPN or DirectAdmin (server administration apps). When customer chooses the application, Host1Plus website offers an optimal pricing plan per month. All the plans can be viewed by clicking on the digits. The graphics show how many RAM, CPU, HDD space and Bandwidth the plan have.

Similar improvement can be seen in a home page where new customers can easily navigate to information pages about hosting different applications – Windows, Linux, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ISP Config, DirectAdmin, cPanel.

“We are proud of such design improvement as we have solved the eternal problem – long and vast tables with lots of check points and prices nearby. The professional website administrator usually knows what resources his project needs and ask us directly, but majority of our customers are coming with questions “What plan should i choose?”. The answer must be simple and understandable, therefore we have simplified the service and pricelist to an interactive and simple solution.”- Mr. Grinius explained how the long pricelists problem was solved.

Host1Plus has introduced new design improvements in order to target the beginner users audience. Users with no deep website and server administration knowledge can easily set up the VPS servers themselves and install all needed applications without the help of customer support using automatic application install solution.

About Host1Plus

Host1Plus is an international cloud computing technologies empowered hosting company which provides shared hosting, linux and windows VPS hosting, domain name registrations, SSL certificates.

Together with web hosting that comes with unlimited bandwidth Host1Plus can boast about the main values which are essential to an international web hosting company – stability, reliability and superb support. Host1Plus is based in London, United Kingdom, some operations are directed from Kaunas, Lithuania. It also provides free hosting solutions for small websites and enterprises Host1Plus has teamed with professional datacenters around the World located in UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany and Lithuania.