Host1Plus Expands Free Tech Support, Renews Extra-Care Service

The International hosting provider Host1Plus broadens the range of free technical support and introduces advanced Extra-Care options


General Tech Support Updates


Host1Plus announced the extension of free technical support service and introduced two renewed Extra-Care support options. Extra-Care support service was reorganized in order to provide instant technical assistance and are expected to cover every aspect of both intermediate and advanced server management.


Previously paid ($30.00) Extra-Care support service covered service monitoring and performance control, service management through a control panel, consultation regarding customer service and software, etc. As a result of continuing customer support optimization and improvement, all of the aforementioned server management assignments are now added to general technical support and will be provided for free.



Extra-Care Service


The company also introduced two paid Extra-Care support options for intermediate or advanced issue resolution. 1st level Extra-Care support ($60.00) covers server management assistance including LAMP setup, CMS installation, OS reinstallation, CentOS web panel or Webmin installation, SSH configuration and more. The service covers 4 monthly hours of technical help and can be ordered at the Client Area or during the checkout process.


2nd level Extra-Care support ($100.00) is an on-demand one-time service for solving complex issues, such as network and firewall configuration, BGP setup, Apache and NGIX configuration, GRE tunnel setup and more. 2nd level Extra-Care support can be ordered by contacting support department directly at


Donatas Fetingis, the head of Customer Support department believes that multi-level support launch is yet to help our customers navigate through different server management tasks in accordance to their complexity. “We’ve felt responsible to enlarge the list of covered tasks in order to serve those customers who confront time scarcity or still have knowledge gaps interfering their task implementation. On the other hand, we commit to provide additional guidelines and assistance for clients who seek to employ their skills and perform task realization themselves. We strongly believe that re-thinked policy will ease entire management process and allow our customers to become advanced service users”.


More information about general support, as well as 1st and 2nd level Extra-Care services may be found here.



About Host1Plus


Host1Plus is an international hosting provider, offering a range of services from domain name registration, sharedVPS and reseller hosting to dedicated servers and SSL certificates. Host1Plus provides affordable and customizable solutions to meet the needs of bloggers, developers, web designers and business owners in managing their online assets. The main values of Host1Plus include network stability, service reliability and excellent customer care. Founded in London, UK, in 2008, the company now has a global presence with multiple data centers and local support teams in Africa, Europe, North and South Americas; some operations are directed from Kaunas, Lithuania and Frankfurt, Germany.