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Press Releases

Follow the latest developments of our company – discover new locations, learn about new services and products.

Archives November, 2016

Host1Plus Switches to Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard License

The international hosting provider Host1Plus introduces Windows Server 2012 Standard license for Cloud Servers ßeta, removes Windows Server 2012 Essentials license.   Earlier this year, Host1Plus introduced Windows Server 2012 Essentials for Cloud Servers ßeta. As an increased growth in Cloud Servers ßeta was seen and additional functionality introduced, Windows Server 2012 Essentials license is…

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Host1Plus Launches Live Stats, SSH Keys & Bulk Orders

The international hosting provider Host1Plus introduces new features for Cloud Serversßeta as well as bulk orders for both Cloud Serversßeta and VPS hosting services.   Read our blog post covering new Cloud Servers ßeta features!   The international hosting provider Host1Plus further moves its focus towards developer communities. The company introduces two new features for Cloud Serversßeta –…

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Host1Plus Announces Hardware Upgrades in São Paulo, Brazil (Update: January 9, 2017)

The international hosting provider Host1Plus continues hardware upgrades in all locations and announces the renewal of hardware in São Paulo, Brazil.   Earlier this year, Host1Plus presented the outset of service quality improvements in all locations. Hardware upgrades were already carried out in Chicago, Illinois, and Frankfurt, Germany, resulting in enhanced service speed and efficiency. While witnessing an increasing…

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Host1Plus anuncia upgrade de hardware em São Paulo, Brasil (Atualização: 9 de janeiro de 2017)

O provedor internacional de hospedagem Host1Plus continua o upgrade de hardware em todas as localidades e anuncia a renovação de hardware em São Paulo, Brasil.   No início deste ano, o Host1Plus apresentou o início da melhoria da qualidade do serviço em todos os locais. Atualizações de hardware já foram realizadas em Chicago, Illinois e…

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