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Connect your business network with any of our multi-region peering locations around the world and exchange high throughput traffic.

Peer with Host1Plus

Avoid traffic settlement costs by relying on our direct connectivity to the Internet destinations and improve user experience.

Extensive Peering Relationships

Exchange Internet traffic and reduce its settlement expenses with extensive peering relationships in Chicago, São Paulo, Johannesburg and Frankfurt, opening access to Americas, Africa and Europe.

Multiple-Region Locations

In order to efficiently develop your business, we provide our customers with multi-regional solutions. Select location-based specifications in major business areas, adjusting to your preferences.

Guaranteed Network Capacity

Every one of our locations are reinforced by minimum two Tier 1 ISP and one local exchange point in order to ensure constant network availability and highest level of performance.

Peering Relationships

Our enterprise network enables direct access to Africa, Europe and Americas peerings. With network presence at world's top-tier facilities we can connect your business to public peerings at IX points to other businesses and service providers.

South Africa

We can peer you in JINX and NAPAfrica Internet exchange points.


We can offer you our private peering solutions within Americas.


We can peer you in DE-CIX Internet exchange point.

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Impeccable Reach Across the Globe

Bandwidth capacity

3 Tbps

Peak traffic

1 Tbps


1G and 10G

Los Angeles, US

Los Angeles, US

IX Points: LAIIX
PoP: 10

Chicago, US

Chicago, US

PoP: 25 PoP, 8 Network PoP

São Paulo, BR

São Paulo, BR

IX Points: PTT
PoP: 8 PoP, 2 Network PoP, 3 Data Storage PoP

Frankfurt, DE

Frankfurt, DE

IX Points: DE-CIX
PoP: 20 PoP, 10 Network PoP, 12 Data Storage PoP

Johannesburg, ZA

Johannesburg, ZA

IX Points: JINX and NAPAfrica

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