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Managed Network

Stay focused on your critical business goals while we will handle constant network availability, maintenance and the highest levels of performance.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting Meeting Your Network Demands

Your network is the hustler of your enterprise and your business depends on it running smoothly. New technologies and innovations are changing customer demands - this can complicate things, but we can help. Configuration, monitoring, maintenance — whatever you need, our experts are ready to help.

Availability and Performance

While network communication demands continue to grow rapidly, businesses require constant network availability and the highest levels of performance. Any latency, downtime or service outages can have a serious impact on productivity and your business ability to meet its customer needs.

Our Managed Network Services guarantees high availability, performance and efficiency of your network no matter what your business workloads are, enabling you to allocate budget and resources to strategic objectives.

Flexibility and Scalability

Growing demands of availability, security, hardware, efficiency and first-in-class quality means constant need to keep up the pace in line with the speed of your business. If you cannot quickly identify and amend performance and bandwidth needs for the future, you will not deliver the better experiences and results of your business – you need to stay ahead.

Leave the network management to us and know that we will be there for every strategic move you make. We can ensure flexibility and scalability of our Managed Network Services in order to meet future requirements of your growing business.

Minimize Risk and Maximize Security

With the help of our partners leveraging the latest technological advancements we are at the forefront of this agile market. As a customer you can be guaranteed that our solutions use state-of-the-art technology from Dell, Intel, Supermicro and Toshiba containing highly advanced and certified functionalities.

Your business success is our top-priority, thus your team can set their sights on offering your customers exactly what they need 24/7, without worrying about installation, configuration and management of your infrastructure. Our experts will monitor and manage your business-critical applications minimizing the risk and maximizing security!

Cut Operation Costs

Moving from traditional network solution to managed environment results in significant savings through higher utilization, improved provisioning, standardized processes, error and troubleshooting time reduction as well as hardware investments administrative and support costs.

Migration process might seem as a complex project and that’s where our experts are ready to help you. Whatever the complexity of your requests, we can grant our expertise and experience. From managing your migration to deploying high quality virtual environments, we offer the standards of performance your business expects, while driving out cost.

Managed Network Packages

Package 1

Server Availability

from $300

   Fast response and reaction during server (Operating System) level incidents.
   Live chat.
   4 Manged Service hours.

  Guaranteed high server availability.

Package 2

Service Availability

from $700

  Fast response and reaction during server (Operating System) or service (Software) level incidents.
  Guaranteed high server and service availability.
  Live chat.
  Security reports HIPS (via email), configuration.

  8 Managed Service hours.

Package 3

We Cover Everything

from $1,500

  Fast response and reaction during server (Operating System) or service (Software) level incidents.
  Custom configuration, installation and maintenance.
  Guaranteed high server and service availability, performed all required deployment and configuration tasks.
  Performance analysis and optimization.
  Live chat.

  16 Managed Service hours monthly.

Technical Support

Certified Expertise

Our qualified experts hold many professional certifications including: LPIC, CompTIA, ITIL, Zabbix, WMware.

24/7 Assistance

Trained technical support, available at all times, ensures a fast and efficient response to your requests and individual business needs.

Deep Knowledge

Our expertise is a continuous improvement process, allowing our support to provide you with latest technology advances.

Advanced Data Centers

Smart Fire Detection System

Smart Fire Detection System

  • Gaseous fire suppresion system
  • Temperature and fire alarms
  • Optical smoke detectors
  • Sustainable Energy Innovations

    Sustainable Energy Innovations

  • Cold-aisle containment
  • Natural cooling
  • Variable frequincy drives
  • Physical Security

    Physical Security

  • Layered physical access control
  • Building-in-building construction
  • 24/7/365 Security guards
  • Video surveillance
  • Compliance Information

    Compliance Information

  • Tier 3 classified
  • ISO certified
  • PCI certified
  • Soc 2 Type 2 certified
  • BBB accredited
  • Trusted By

    We are proud to deliver superior customer experience for major industries.

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    Managed Network

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    Managed Services

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