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Managed Enterprise Cloud

Our engineers and architects will take care of your Enterprise Cloud so you can focus on your business.

Lift Your Business to the Cloud

Enterprise cloud empowers you with the compute resources right when you need them.

Continous Monitoring

We will monitor your Enterprise Cloud 24 hours a day and alert network operations staff in the event of an incident. All incidents will be analyzed and resolved by our experienced team.

Software Updates

To ensure your equipment provides the best performance, we keep track of the latest updates. We will take care of critical patches and security updates as well as arrange and apply functionality updates.

Rapid Response

Our highly qualified engineers respond to alerts, analyzes them, determines the best course of action and provides a response plan that can be quickly implemented by your IT systems and network team.

Comprehensive Protection

By combining an expert team, field-tested processes, and the latest technology we are capable to cover every aspect of your security needs in one place and keep your business from harm.

Managed Enterprise Cloud Packages

Server Availability

From $300.00 /month

  4 Managed Service hours monthly.
  Live chat support.
  Fast response and reaction during server (Operating System) level incidents.
  Guaranteed high server availability.

Service Availability

From $700.00 /month

  8 Managed Service hours monthly.
  Live chat support.
  Fast response and reaction during server (Operating System) or service (Software) level incidents.
  Guaranteed high server and service availability.
  Security reports HIPS (via email), configuration.

Business Availability

From $1,500.00 /month

  16 Managed Service hours monthly.
  Live chat support.
  Fast response and reaction during server (Operating System) or service (Software) level incidents.
  Guaranteed high server and service availability, performed all required deployment and configuration tasks.
  Custom configuration, installation and maintenance.
  Performance analysis and optimization.

Expert Technical Support

Certified Expertise

Our qualified experts hold many professional certifications including: LPIC, CompTIA, ITIL, Zabbix, VMware.

24/7 Assistance

Trained technical support, available at all times, ensures a fast and efficient response to your requests and individual business needs.

Deep Knowledge

Our expertise is a continuous improvement process, allowing our support to provide you with latest technology advances.

Core Features

Cutting-Edge Cloud Solutions For Your Business Growth

High Level API

Directly access web control panel functionality and benefit from advanced networking features.

KVM Management

Highly valuable hypervisor solution with Windows support, known for its stability, exquisite performance and solid security.

Pre-Installed Templates

Deploy your VM with pre-configured templates such as cPanel to manage your website with ease.

High Scalability

No longer bound by the physical size of your server, quickly scale your virtual machine at your Client Area.

Bulk Orders

Multiple virtual machines with the same configuration will be ready for you in just a few clicks at the checkout.

DNS Management

Easily create your domain zones and edit records directly at your Client Area.

Auto Backups

Schedule automatic backups daily, weekly or monthly. You can also make manual backups when you need!

rDNS Control

Simplified rDNS self-management means less time spent getting support and more time working on your own projects.

Rescue Mode

If you suspect that your primary filesystem is corrupted, use our rescue mode – safe environment for performing many system recovery and disk management tasks.

SSH Keys

Attach an SSH key to your Cloud Server and you will no longer rely on root password. Benefit from automated login for applications that needs access to your instance.

VNC Console

Ease up management of your virtual machine via the VNC console.

Custom ISO

Custom ISO allows you to mount configured image on your instance and run through the boot & setup process as you would on a bare metal server.

Live Stats

Track your resource usage live! Enable alerts to avoid CPU, memory or network overuse.

IP Geolocation

Benefit from geolocated IPs to reduce latency, boost your SEO capability and localize your online business.

IPv6 Enabled

Enable IPv6 during Cloud Server creation or on existing virtual machine through your Client Area without having to reboot.

Multiple IPv4 Addresses

Get access to multiple IPv4 addresses for your projects. More IPs are available on request.

IP Assignment

Get a free dedicated unique IP only for you! IP Assignment feature provides you with direct access to your website all the time.

10G Network

Built-in 10G fiber optic ports for network troubleshooting and performance testing.

Our Partners

High performance and technical expertise standards enable us to build solid business partnerships.

Talk With One of Our Experts

Our experienced and skilled experts are ready to consult you and find the perfect fit for your business success.

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