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VPS hosting in Germany from $15.00

Flawless performance across Europe.
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Starting from $15.00/month!

Intel Xeon E5 processors icon

Intel® Xeon® E5

With up to 8 GT/s QPI Speed, 6 cores and 768 GB of memory, Intel processors ensure increased performance. Being compatible with64-bit instruction set, they deliver efficient operations and scale on-demand.



Double data rate 4th generation error-correcting-code RAM demonstrates lower voltage, higher frequencies, higher capacities, corrects single-bit and detects multi-bit errors.

NVMe distributed storage icon

NVMe distributed storage

Built to handle 65,000 queues and 65,000 command queue depths, NVMe-backed distributed storage will not experience the performance degradation if overloaded with I/O requests.

Why choose Germany VPS?

Qualified staff icon Qualified Staff
Our onboard NOC team guarantees comprehensive and professional Germany VPS monitoring, ensuring high availability and better overall performance.
Connectivity icon Greater Connectivity
With our solid 20 Gbps network capacity, all incoming and outgoing network traffic is assured the best connectivity and lowest latency in Europe.
Europe powerhouse DC icon Powerhouse in Europe
Data center in Frankfurt is one of nine interconnected data centers that have access to 400 carriers and DE-CIX internet exchange, a full range of AC and DC power products, N+1 generators, 24/7 facility and service monitoring.

Germany VPS Features

Hassle-free Germany VPS service management with features that put you in control.

DNS & rDNS Management feature icon

DNS & rDNS Management

Simplified DNS and rDNS self-management means less time spent getting support and more time working on your own projects.

Scalable Resources feature icon

Scalable Resources

Grab more resources to support your growing needs! Customize your VPS at the Client Area and scale while your project grows!

Instant Deployment feature icon

Instant Deployment

Get your VPS in 3 simple steps! Configure your server, fill in billing information and start using your VPS without delays.

Live Stats feature icon

Live Stats

Track your resource usage live! Enable alerts to avoid CPU, memory or network overuse.

Geolocated IPs feature icon

Geolocated IPs

Benefit from geolocated IPs to reduce latency, boost your SEO capability and localize your online business.

Virtual Console Access feature icon

Virtual Console Access

For instant recovery, retrieve access to your server by connecting via virtual console.

Germany VPS Pricing

from $15.00/mo
2 Cores
2048 MB
Disk space
40 GB
1 TB
from $36.00/mo
3 Cores
8192 MB
Disk space
120 GB
1 TB
from $66.00/mo
4 Cores
16384 MB
Disk space
250 GB
1 TB
Need a custom solution for your business?
Save up to 20% for longer billing cycles!

Save up to 20% with longer billing cycles ranging from 3 to 24 months. The discount increases according to the length of the billing cycle.

All unmanaged plans include

  • TUN/TAP/PPP Enabled
  • SSD caching
  • 500 Mbps uplink
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Backups

    You can manage backups manually at your Client Area for $2.00 each.

  • Virtuozzo
  • Popular Linux OS
  • Up to 8 IPv4 addresses
  • RAID data storage

Ask questions, get answers!


How long will my VPS setup take?

After you order a Germany VPS, the service is usually set up instantly. However, if you pay using a credit card, it might take up to a few hours.

Is cPanel included with my VPS?

cPanel comes as an add-on for $15.00 per month. You can order a cPanel license at the checkout or at your Client Area later after the purchase.

What virtualization do you use for Germany VPS hosting?

Germany VPS hosting services are powered by Virtuozzo virtualization.

Can I upgrade my VPS?

You can upgrade your VPS anytime at your Client Area by either switching to a higher plan or adding particular resources. Note that downgrades are currently not available for VPS hosting services.

Do you provide a free Germany VPS trial?

At the moment we are not providing free trials to test out our service, but you can test our services for 14 days and cancel them hassle-free if we do not meet your project needs.