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Upload Custom ISO

Deploy and use Custom ISO for your Enterprise Cloud Server.

Mount your own custom pre-built ISO

High Flexibility

Mount your own Custom ISO and run through the boot and setup process just like on a bare metal server. With the access to Client Area, you can customize your installed ISO, adjusting to your business needs.

Multiple Use

Once uploaded, your existing Custom ISO can be used multiple times in different servers (in the same server geolocation).

Data Management

Mounted like the traditional CD-ROM drives, Custom ISOs help to prevent data loss. Mounting as many Custom ISOs as you require, you still can keep the old system (unless reinstalling the server).

Enterprise Cloud

Innovative and custom-built infrastructure that lets you respond to changing business demands.

Enterprise Cloud

from $40.00 /mo

Use you desired Linux distribution via Custom ISO or choose from a variety of pre-installed templates and apps. Experience full root access, compile and run any kernel you wish.

Enterprise Cloud

from $65.00 /mo and $10.00 /mo for the OS license

Use Microsoft Windows Server products on our Enterprise Cloud and benefit from a selection of pre-installed templates and apps, configure and automate processes via API.

Multi-Region Locations

Top-tier, ISO certified data center locations across the globe to ensure access to the major business areas in Europe, Americas and Africa. Each data center is designed to the highest specifications for performance, reliability and security.

Singapore Hong Kong Tokyo Sydney Amsterdam Toronto Chicago New York Ashburn Atlanta Dallas Seattle Sunnyvale Los Angeles Frankfurt São Paulo Johannesburg

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