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7 Reasons Why VPS Hosting Is a Smart Choice

September 8, 2014
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When it comes to website hosting, your choices normally boil down to shared or VPS hosting. Now, if your website is just a simple little affair, dedicated to things like your personal blog, fantasy football activity, or a site dedicated to your cat, then sure, a shared hosting solution will probably be sufficient for your needs.



But if things in your life change, and you need more space, more processing power, and better security (say for instance you’re getting into e-commerce), then it’s really worth your while to go with VPS hosting. “Why?” you ask? Read on, and be enlightened.


What’s VPS Hosting, Anyway?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is a physical server that’s partitioned into a number of spaces, each one a dedicated virtual server for one customer. That one customer has sole access to the resources (data storage, processing) of that particular virtual server.


This is as opposed to a shared server, where a number of customers share the same resources of one server. Although these users don’t share root level access, there’s a greater risk for hackers gaining access, not to mention the fact that heavy traffic demands may slow down your own response time.
So let’s take a look at the advantages of going with VPS.


1. Better Control

That VPS is yours, no one else’s. You can install applications and software, implement security measures, and choose which operating system, whatever you want. You have full control.


2. It’s Cheaper Than Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is a single computer that’s rented out for your exclusive use. Sure, you get that privacy, that sole access, but you also get a larger bill. VPS hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting, although it is more expensive than shared hosting.


But it’s a case of getting what you paid for. If servers and hosting were real estate, a dedicated server would be a lovely but expensive house all to yourself in the country. A VPS solution would be like having a nice, private apartment in a building, and shared hosting would be like living in a rental space with a bunch of other people, with some of them raiding the fridge and eating your food, or shooting an adult film in the living room, or leaving the front door open by accident and letting someone walk in and rob the place. Which do you prefer?


3. VPS Is Customizable

Many VPS hosting plans are priced according to what you want and need. You don’t have to pay for features that you aren’t interested in. It’s your money, and your choice.


4. VPS Lets You Grow

Then again, maybe you started off with a modest VPS plan, but as time goes on, your site grows, and so do your demands. A good number of VPS plans are scalable, so you can start off small then add as your needs increase.


5. Good Tech Support

Just like many automobile leasing agreements can include vehicle maintenance, many VPS hosting plans take care of tech support for you. That’s one less thing you need to worry about or spend money on. If something goes wrong, the host has your back.


6. It’s Faster

Since you are the only one with access to the server’s resources, you never have to worry about excessive traffic from other customer sites slowing you down. The disk space, the CPU, the RAM, the rapid load times, all of it is yours and yours alone. Bear in mind, there may be times when the overall resources of the machine are being strained, so there’s a small risk of slowdowns.


7. It’s More Secure

VPS hosting permits strict, customizable firewalls, as opposed to shared hosts, where everyone has the same security settings implemented, and a break-in on one site can lead the way to your site as well. Also, with everyone sharing the same virtual space, everyone is vulnerable to any malware or viruses that somehow get in.


This greater security also comes into play with the mail server. When you go with VPS hosting, you get a private mail server with its own unique IP address. With a shared mail service, you could conceivably get penalized for the actions of another customer who uses the same mail service as yourself.


But Are There Downsides?

Bear in mind, it’s not all hearts and flowers with VPS hosting. No hosting solution is perfect. Since you have a virtual server, you also need someone who knows how to manage a server. And if some inexperienced person messes up the VPS server, you may end up either ruining it or getting it to run but with numerous security leaks. So in other words, you need to dedicate resources to either educating someone to run the server, or outright hire someone.


We’ve already touched upon the point that VPS is more expensive than shared hosting. Add that cost to the investment in training or acquiring someone to manage the server, and the expenses start to add up.


Finally, there’s the idea that you may end up sharing an address with another site, which may play havoc with your search engine results. Sometimes, a spam blocker may catch URLs that are actually innocent. but since they’re on the same machine, they suffer along with the guilty.


So, In Conclusion…

VPS hosting isn’t for everyone, but it’s a decent upgrade to shared hosting, and cheaper than dedicated hosting. . VPS costs more than shared hosting, but the advantages you get will more than make up for the added expense. It strikes a good balance between cost and resource availability.


Also bear in mind that what you get out of a VPS host can vary depending on the company. Shop around and see who offers what you’re looking for (RAM, CPU core, storage space, bandwidth) and is in your particular price range.

By John Terra
Categories: Articles, VPS Hosting
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