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Brand New API Docs

Brand New API Docs
April 24, 2017
| Services

An updated and improved developer’s API documentation was just released. New functionality and better, more intuitive design will allow for much easier navigation, in-depth API schemas, code generation and API testing on the fly. Here’s a list of most prominent features:

  • Response schemas and examples – instantly see the expected response of a call and get real-life response via examples.
  • Interactive call testing – use your API key to make a call and see the response directly in the page.
  • Code generation for all popular languages – automatically generated codes for all major languages will allow for quick and easy integration in your current project.
  • Filter/search – quickly find your most used endpoints via search.

With all these features combined our developers will be able to test their API keys, view mocked or live API responses and even generate code for any of the API calls – directly in the documentation.

Want to try it out? Head to Developers’ API Docs.

If you have any requests regarding your service, feel free to submit your preferences at Feature Requests page.

By Dovainis Kalėda
Categories: Services
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  1. Paulo Costa

    There is no publication of api in the link: http://developers.host1plus.com/

    • Dovainis Kalėda

      Hello Paulo Costa, sorry for the inconveniences. The link is fixed, therefore API Documentation is available.

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