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New Cloud Servers ßeta features and 50% discount!

October 20, 2016
| Cloud Servers, News

It has been a while since I wrote to our blog, but we have been working hard on Cloud Serversßeta.

It’s been a whole month since we have launched Cloud Serversßeta and it has been an exciting time for us. As promised, we’re not stopping with the launch of Cloud Serversßeta and during the ßeta period we’re going to further develop our service – add new features, tweaks and constant updates to improve overall service performance.

This is where you come in with valuable feedback that we have received this whole past month and we would like to say a sincere Thank you! We are amazed by your engagement, various prepositions, suggestions and feature requests!

Custom ISO & Rescue Mode!

Our #devs have been working hard scrolling through hundreds of code lines, applying best patterns, creating logic and functionality, drinking  to get things done in time and as a result they have equipped Cloud Servers with two new features! Read more about these features with comments from our developers in the official press release article –  “New Cloud Servers ßeta features.

“I hope my rambling still has your attention caught… 

With that in mind, let’s take a bit detailed look at each of the new features available.


Custom ISO

Does the world really need another Windows OS or Linux distro respin? Maybe not the world, but you might do. You might want to make your own customized OS template to use for your projects, business or personal use.

This is the exact place where Custom ISO comes in as an extremely handy tool. Just throw in your configured template image and bake as many VMs as you want!


Rescue Mode

No matter if you are an experienced developer, IT admin, tech savvy person or just a student who’s learning, you want to be in proximity of your service in order to fix or repair it if anything goes wrong.

For this exact purpose, we have a Rescue Mmode feature ready for you – safe environment to perform many system recovery and disk management tasks
cs-features-discountAs I have mentioned, there is no better time as autumn for a good, bold changes and one of them is a huge discount for Cloud Serversßeta!

While Cloud Servers are in ßeta phase, we are cutting down on your expenses by giving you a 50% discount for any Cloud Server plan.*

Get more resources for a lower price and develop your projects now. There’s no time to wait!

View prices

*Discount applies for 1 – 6 month billing cycles. All Cloud Serversßeta plans apply for the discount.

By Dovainis Kalėda
Categories: Cloud Servers, News
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  1. karimun jawa

    i love Custom ISO & Rescue Mode! will be great!! and what is different of cloud server and VPS?
    million thanks

    • Dovainis Kalėda

      Hi Karimun,

      I’m happy that you like our new features!
      To answer your question, differences between Cloud Servers and VPS includes virtualization (KVM vs OpenVZ respectively), supported operating systems (Linux, Windows, your own OS choice utilizing Custom ISO feature vs. Linux only) and also, our API is currently only supported for Cloud Servers as we are working on API introduction to VPS :).

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