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Host1Plus Sells More Domain Names

July 18, 2012
| News

Host1Plus – the fast growing international web hosting provider has added more domain names.

London, United Kingdom,  July 18, 2012 – Host1Plus London based international hosting services provider has started selling more generic and country domain names. The added domai names include the following: .me.uk, .net.uk, .at, .co.at, .or.at, .com.au, .net.au, .com.bz, .ca, .cd, .ch, .com.co, .net.co, .nom.co, .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es, .fr, .gd, .gg, .co.gg, .net.gg, .org.gg, .hm, .hn, .im, .co.im, .net.im, .org.im, .co.in, .firm.in, .gen.in, .ind.in, .net.in, .org.in, .io, .it, .je, .kg, .la, .lc, .li, .mn, .mx, .com.mx, .co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz, .biz.pl, .com.pl, .info.pl, .net.pl, .org.pl, .waw.pl, .shop.pl, .nom.pl, .edu.pl, .qa, .sc, .sh, .so, .st, .tc, .tk, .tm, .to, .tw, .com.tw, .org.tw, .com.ua, .co.za

“The domain names is not the primary area of our business as our biggest concern is about web hosting and cloud hosting. However the changing market and increasing needs of our customers have influenced the increased attention to international domain names. ” – Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO said.

Among the generic domain names, customers will be able to purchase the domains of such countries as Austria, Belize, Canada, Congo, Switzerland, France, Honduras, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, India, Poland, Taiwan, South Africa, Laos, New Zealand and others. Also different variations of country domain names are offered, for example .biz.pl for Polish business websites or .org.tw for Taiwanese organizations.

“We are glad to sell some rare domains, for example .tm which is sold for minimum 10 years and used for brands as abbreviation of ‘trademark’. Our customers are startups which are creative domain name users. They uses the domain name ending for their brand. This is an original way of presenting the company, even though we understand that it has nothing to do with the particular country, which owns the domain name. The wide rage of domain names will also help our business as more people will be able to purchase the domain and web hosting.” – Mr. Grinius explained who are the main customers of rare domain names.

The domain name prices are influenced by the local registrars. All the domain list from Host1Plus can be found online at the ‘Domains’ section of Host1Plus website.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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