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Host1Plus launches Lithuanian website version

January 5, 2011
| News

Host1Plus – the international hosting service provider – has launched the Lithuanian website version together with Lithuanian customer support.

London, United Kingdom, December 9, 2010 – Host1Plus, a London based international hosting company announced about the new language website version. Now Host1Plus will be available in Lithuanian at http://www.host1plus.lt

The website’s look is the same as international, only in Lithuanian. The pricing is also adjusted according to Lithuanian market, so this is not only translation of the present website. Host1Plus has a goal to grab some shares of Lithuanian hosting market by providing the services in native language.

“Lithuania is very strong at IT sector because of lots of qualified professionals. Few global companies have created their support centers here in Lithuania as they have trusted Lithuanians potential as IT country. So do we. Lithuania has got lots of IT solutions companies which develop their services online. Of course, they need non-expensive but highly reliable hosting solutions. Here come we.” – said Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO.

Lithuania is indeed highly technological country with 1,5 million Internet users and one of the biggest bandwidth in the world. One huge bank has created their support department in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. Also one famous money transfer service has opened their support office for eastern markets. Ireland’s top flight operator has established their base in other second biggest city of Lithuania. Government of Lithuania has invited some other huge international corporations as IT sector is well developed, the education of technology professionals is also worldwide known (especially in laser technology sector). Such conditions were taken in mind by Host1Plus before coming to Lithuanian market as more and more companies will need more reliable and international level hosting services.

“We know the hosting market from inside, therefore we know how Host1Plus can succeed in Lithuanian market. Therefore we have created Lithuanian websites. Is is also something like a tribute to my country – developing tan international business from here”- Mr. Grinius who is Lithuanian by nationality, said.

Lithuanian website will serve to communicate with clients in their own language – Lithuanian, even though it looks like the international one. It also has a blog with technological news of Host1Plus. The prices are smaller than international ones because the market is not very big and the living costs are 2-3 times smaller then in Western European countries. That should not be a hindrance in the competition with the present hosting operators as Host1Plus has to offer some flexible solutions for Lithuanian market exclusively.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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