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Host1Plus enters Chinese market

January 5, 2011
| News

Host1Plus – the international hosting service provider – has entered the Chinese market by providing the local services and support in Chinese language.

London, United Kingdom, December 23, 2010 – Host1Plus, a London based international hosting company has started its operations in Chinese market. The services will be managed from Singapore.

Host1Plus has contracted with one of the best data centers in Singapore. This deal allows Host1Plus providing the locally bases services in main language of China. The Chinese support will operate 24/7. The Chinese version of the website is in Chinese Simplified language (Mandarin).

“Host1Plus understands the importance of China to the Worldwide economy, therefore we have decided to open our subsidiary in Chinese market. The huge population with the need of cheap and reliable local hosting service seemed to be a perfect market for us” – said Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO.

Host1Plus services are based on cloud technologies, therefore the partners in Singapore – data center – provided the best technological solutions. Now CN.Host1Plus offers all main services for Chinese market – VPS servers, cloud based hosting solutions for small business, free hosting solution Host1Free, domain registration and parking etc. Host1Plus has also planned to sign a contract with another datacenter in Hong Kong in the nearest future.

The Alipay payment method has been introduced earlier this year. Alipay is one of the most popular payment methods in China, therefore there are no lots of troubles with fund transfers for the Host1Plus services.

“We have been preparing to enter Chinese market for some time already. Finally we did it and are very glad even though lots of challenges are ahead. As a company we are quite small, but have enough experience and potential to work in Chinese market. Our partnership with datacenter in Singapore and local payment method Alipay will allow us to provide the reliable and locally targeted services for Chinese companies and individuals”- Mr. Grinius explained the determination to get into the Chinese hosting market.

Chinese market is attractive to all kinds of business including hosting because of growing economy and especially IT sector, which is a primary target of Host1Plus. Working with Chinese business is always win-win situation. Host1Plus hopes that their name will be known in China at least to 100 million audience in year 2011.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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