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Host1Plus Eliminates Live Chat Support, Improves Ticket System

October 29, 2015
| News

The international hosting provider Host1Plus announces the cancellation of live chat technical support service as of October 29th, 2015

Host1Plus halts technical support department communication through live chat as of October 29th, 2015, and continues ticket system improvement. According to Donatas Fetingis, head of customer support at Host1Plus, communication is reorganized for better technical issue resolution and problem solving efficiency increase.

Live chat service posed certain disruptions resulting in longer response times. The limited input prevented comprehensive problem description resulting in a poor issue perception. Therefore all communication was concentrated to the ticket system. To enhance issue resolution efficiency, the company initiated ticket system development. It is expected that direct contact with customer support department through the ticket system will eliminate major communication issues.

Based on customer feedback and behavior analysis, Host1Plus redesigned the ticket submission form. From now on, ticket submission requires more details clarifying the issue. As a result, technical support department may set priorities more effectively and react more quickly. The new form has already been integrated in the internal UI earlier this month. After the changes, average support response time increased by 37%. “Our goal is to ease customer service management by eliminating technical problems expeditiously, if any raise.” “claims Donatas Fetingis. “By reducing response and issue resolution times we hope to improve our customer experience”.

In addition, this month the company integrated a ticket auto suggestion box at the internal UI. The new feature instantly displays issue related articles as soon as ticket submission is initiated. The company regularly updates online resources and encourages all customers to send requests and suggestions directly to feedback@host1plus.com.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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