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Host1Plus Dedicated Server Prices Lowest in 7 Years

November 12, 2015
| News

The international hosting provider Host1Plus announces new dedicated server prices and increased resources

Earlier this month, Host1Plus introduced new dedicated server pricing to its stakeholders underpinned by outperformance. While the company enhanced dedicated server resources, the prices were decreased.

Renewed dedicated server prices were reduced by 62% on average. All prices were cut more than a half of the initial price. The biggest price plunge was made for Xeon E3 with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB disk space with the initial price $189.00 was reduced to $95.00.

Nevertheless, default server RAM, port speed and bandwidth were enhanced. RAM was increased by half of the initial amount, leaving Celeron from 8 GB, Core i3 from 8 GB and Core i7 from 16 GB. Furthermore, all dedicated servers are now available with unlimited bandwidth and 1 Gbps port speed. The changes are expected to enhance overall data transfer speed.

From now on, Host1Plus applies a fixed one-time setup fee ($35.00). The fee was introduced in order to cover the resources needed for server activation. However, it applies to 1-month billing cycles for the first time only.

Last month Host1Plus announced a switch to enterprise hardware in all locations and introduced renewed VPS pricing with reduced prices, two additional plans and increased resources.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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