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Host1Plus Changes Web Hosting Pricing, Introduces New Plans

February 24, 2016
| News

The international hosting provider Host1Plus introduces web hosting service changes – new plans, renewed pricing and significantly increased resources.

Earlier this month, following careful discussion and calculation, Host1Plus has finally announced renewed web hosting service. The main changes include new plans, increased service resources and re-calculated prices.  New adjustments are expected to improve service satisfaction level and broaden the range of activities that a web hosting user may perform in his environment.

Renewed web hosting plans were shifted from 4 to 3 options, eliminating previous Starter plan and leaving Personal, Business and Business Pro plans for further customer purchases. The change is expected to simplify customer decision making when executing a purchase, thus leave less confusion of having too many and too resembling options to choose from.

Moreover, Host1Plus has eliminated both disk space and bandwidth resource limitations. All of the new plans come with unlimited resources, thus significantly broadens activities that may be performed in a resource-unlimited web hosting environment. Furthermore, increased service resources create a flexible niche for the end user business to grow expelling a constant need of upgrading to the new plan.

In addition to these changes, the company has also re-estimated web and reseller hosting prices. Re-calculation was crucial in order to reflect the strength and value of renewed hosting services. The company estimates and assures that income coming from new service pricing is yet to be invested in innovation and more features to ease customer service management and administration tasks. All of the changes may be found at Host1Plus official website.

Back in November, 2015, Host1Plus has also reduced dedicated server and VPS hosting prices in order to increase service reachability level on a global scale. Moreover, both type service resources were boosted up to a reasonable amount based on thoroughly analyzed customer demand.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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