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New fraud control system in Host1Plus

November 8, 2011
| News

Host1Plus – the international hosting service provider now has introduced the new fraud control system which helps to avoid fake customers.

London, United Kingdom, November 7, 2011 – Host1Plus London based international hosting provider, known for its cheap VDS services, has launched the new fraud control system where every customer needs to prove his identity. If the verification process fails, the user is required to change his personal details to proceed. This fraud control system works with phone verification solution from TeleSign.

“Some our customers look at the registration process recklessly and irresponsibly. Especially when providing the real contact details which guarantee that we have the business with live person. The action bot can be created for all the processes on internet, so we have decided to strenghten our customer support with some powerful solutions, for instance phone verification” – Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO explained the decision to launch the fraud control system.

Phone verification based fraud control system is a simple way of getting the real contact details of every customer. Email confirmation automatically provides a verified email. The phone number can be verified via phone verification system which calls to the entered phone number where robot tells the PIN code which must be entered into a verification field. If the PIN is not entered or entered incorrectly, the customer is allowed to change his number and if necessary other details. The phone verification provider is TeleSign, which provides the phone verification in 50 languages.

“We have chosen the TeleSign solution not only because of good price and technical solution. One of the main decisions to implement this phone verification solution to Host1Plus’ fraud control system was the ability to receive a verification call with PIN in 50 languages. This is really helpful to the customers whose English is not so good. If person does a mistake in PIN code, he has additional actions to make to become a trusted customer. With the multi-language service this has become possible and functional.”- Mr. Grinius has explained the decision to implement TeleSign solution.

Fraud control system with phone verification helps Customer support to determine, if the customer account is bulk or real. This make the work of Customer support more effective. The effectiveness is one of the main Host1Plus priority.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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