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Host1Plus now provides a CDN service

October 27, 2011
| News

Host1Plus – the international hosting service provider now provides a new CDN (Content Delivery Network) service for VIP customers.

London, United Kingdom, October 27, 2011 – Host1Plus London based international hosting services provider, known for its cheap VDS services based on cloud technologies has launched the new service – CDN for VIP customers. The CDN is also known as Content Delivery Network. This service allow various resources to be streamed from different servers in the nearby location to the customer who requests to see the website.

“CDN service is a great service for our special customers who have huge websites with lots of graphic information – CSS, JavaScripts, photos, videos, streaming media, document sharing etc. The Content Delivery Network means that when visitor wants to see some page with lots of graphics, it is displayed from the server, which is near to his location. This way of content sharing allows high speed of data transfer, which results the faster page load (by the way, that is important to Google). We are able to provide this service because we have our servers in different datacenters around the World.” – Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO explained what is CDN service in general.

CDN service, provided by Host1Plus is dedicated to all the clients, who have huge loads of data and want to have a reliable and uninterruptable web hosting. Due to the data caching technology which allow information to be stored in tens or even hundreds of different servers in different locations, the speed of data transfers is increased. The requested graphic data are broadcasted from the nearest server to the visitor’s location while traditional VPS hosting is based in one dedicated server in a single datacenter. In case of one server technical issues, all the data is accessible from the other ones.

“Host1Plus CDN service is a perfect solution for the companies who run social networks full of different graphical information – videos, pictures, flash files etc. Also for the business management services online, which allow document or any other types of files upload and sharing worldwide. The essence of this service that all the data is broadcasted from the nearest server. For example the Worldwide social network has lots of users from USA, Germany and China. If Chinese user wants to see the pictures of German and American user, they are downloaded not from German or American server, but from the nearest server in China. This way the transfer of data is more rapid as it uses local traffic.”- Mr. Grinius emphasized the use of CD service to Worldwide enterprises.

Host1Plus CDN service is available for present and new clients of the company for additional cost.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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