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WHD Global 2015: Insightful and Content Rich

WHD Global 2015: Insightful and Content Rich
April 1, 2015
| Culture

Last week we had the pleasure to participate in WHD Global 2015 in Rust, Germany. While we’re still full of  excitement, let us share our experiences.



For those who have never heard about this event, WHD Global is an annual conference for IT enthusiasts, held in Germany. Not only is it the biggest event of the year for all hosting companies, it is also an amazing gathering for everyone who is excited by latest technologies and innovative solutions.  This year was special as well, as it is already the 11th WHD Global gathering that attracted an immense number of participants – way over 6,000 attendees!

Tendencies and Business Relationships

Petras, the senior technician at Host1Plus, claims that he found the event really useful. He sees it as a great opportunity to learn about the latest tendencies in the hosting market that may be applied in our business as well. In other words, he says, this event opens everyone’s eyes. “I am reassured that hosting businesses are still changing rapidly and because of such dynamics, the biggest mistake that most of the small companies do, is ignoring innovation. It is always good to get out of the comfort zone and see what others are doing, what inspires them and how do they handle their companies in a constantly changing market”.


Also, it is a great opportunity to meet our partners and build new relationships. We were really pleased to meet  the Halon Security team. “It’s always nice to meet our partners with whom we have been working with for some time already. I have never seen such a great support before, thus I appreciate their customer care a lot” – Petras says.


WHD Global 2015


Innovation and Trivia


Linas, the systems developer at Host1Plus, says: “Everybody now are trying to save up as much space as possible. If we would compare the servers that we had about 3 years ago, we would see that they contain the power of like 8 of them in a much smaller gadget”.


Technologies are not only about work, it’s play too. Linas has tested a virtual reality machine. “What I have heard before is that people couldn’t explain the feeling it gives to you. Now I understand why. While falling down with a parachute I felt amazing and scared at the same time. It was something unnatural, but yet something that makes you feel alive”.


WHD Global 2015


Lessons and Issues


Vincentas, the CTO at Host1Plus, emphasizes that everyone is moving to Cloud nowadays. “However, not always do they meet the needs of the users” – says Vincentas, “that’s why there still is space for all kinds of hosting providers”. He claims that nothing is more important than customers and their needs. “We need to know them to get closer to them and find out what do they expect from our service. Only in this case, we can continue being a successful company”.


However, the CTO claims that Host1Plus will eventually move forward to Cloud structure as well, so as to stay competitive in the market and in respect to our clients. “Our future goal is a global Cloud system that is build on our international data center’s infrastructure” – he says.


WHD Global 2015


Useful Workshops


All participants were able to join workshops, where they have joined industry experts from all around the hosting market and beyond. One of the most insightful workshops was Sarah Harison’s and Edward Snowden’s who have talked about the future of the Internet and how hosting companies and Cloud providers should deal with surveillance. This was really useful as it gave some deep ideas on how to regain the trust of your customer or how to create businesses that really take customers’ expectations into account.


WHD Global 2015


Vincentas, the CTO at Host1Plus, is really excited when talking about WHD Global 2015. He had participated in the conference for the fifth time now and claims that this event is getting better each year. “This is probably one of the most content rich and insightful events during the last 5 years. I cannot imagine what to expect in 2016”.


Did you participate in WHD Global 2015? Share your experience!

By Dovainis Kalėda
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