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Looking Back at WHD.global 2017

Looking Back at WHD.global 2017
April 7, 2017
| Culture

It’s been a week since our team members Donatas, Aistis and Vincentas came back from the annual WHD.global conference in Rust, Germany and they do have their experiences to share!

WHD.global is a seven-day festival celebrating digital technology and online creativity. More than 6000 attendees come to WHD.global to gain a clear picture of cloud services and internet infrastructure. It’s the world’s largest event of its kind.


Donatas, Head of Support: I was anticipating this event for quite some time and was happy to go when the day arrived. The sheer size of it made an impression on me – 6000 and possibly more people gathered in this tiny German town Rust.

From CEO’s of these huge companies to technical support staff, it was always easy and fun to chat regardless of their roles – we were all having fun. With such size of an event, you would expect at least a few minor hiccups, and nobody would judge, but to my surprise, it went without a single problem. It was so well organized.

For me, my colleagues, and I think everyone who’s attended, it was very informative regardless of your job role. And this information, experience came straight from the industry leaders so you know you can trust it. As a Head of Support at Host1Plus I came back with a bag full of ideas and fresh new look at our workflow we will definitely be implementing.


Strato AG, Storpool and Host1Plus teams.


Vincentas, CEO: If I decide on going to a conference I always have high expectations for it – regardless of the size or industry. Well, WHD successfully fulfilled and exceeded them all!

As a CEO I’m always on a lookout for new ways to improve our service, customer relations and teamwork efficiency. And the number of ideas I came back with from WHD will last me a long, long time – it’s almost an information overload. Learning from the experts and veterans of the industry, in my opinion, is the best way to learn.

The atmosphere was great, the weather was great, lots of fun, very professional and inspiring – will be coming back next year for sure.


Host1Plus and Virtuozzo teams sharing a moment together.


Aistis, CTO: It’s always nice to meet your partners, competitors, providers, vendors and industry specialists and have a productive couple of days while still having fun. Countless discussions, new partnerships, new connections, new ideas to bring back home and improve our operations on the whole company level.

That’s what it’s all about, that’s why I go there and that’s why it’s definitely worth it.  A perfect balance of business and pleasure.


We’ll be seeing you at WHD next year! Meanwhile, you can check other conferences you can meet us at.

By Dovainis Kalėda
Categories: Culture
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