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Introducing Multilingual 24/7 Customer Support!

Introducing Multilingual 24/7 Customer Support!
June 13, 2017
| Company

Multilingual 24/7 Customer Support infographic

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Our overarching goal is to empower our clients and help them to take advantage of our services. We appreciate that the working day is changing and therefore, it is vital to us that we assist customers of all levels of experience and technical understanding, in a way and timing that best suits them.

So, what has changed?

Some customers may have noticed that at the start of June, we introduced registered email support. This change was needed to optimize Support department workload and fasten ticket reply time.

What changes can customers expect?

We do not expect customers to experience any denigration in service levels. In fact, we do expect customers to enjoy a more efficient and flexible service. Customers can now contact us day and night to gain support when they need it most in both English and Portuguese.

Fastest way to get assistance

  1. Gather all details related to your issue e.g. logs, error codes, etc. in English or Portuguese.
  2. Log in and submit a Support ticket via your Client Area or registered email address.
  3. Our Support team will be glad to help you out!

Why is it beneficial to submit a ticket via your Client Area or registered email address?

Well, of course, it is the fastest way! In addition, submit a Support ticket via your Client Area or registered email address guarantees:

  • Our Support team instantly see all the information about your services;
  • We can swiftly investigate issues related to your services;
  • There is no time wasted trying to figure out what client and which service has issues;
  • Tickets submitted via the Client Area are archived and available in your Support history.

If you have any requests regarding your service, feel free to submit your preferences at our Feature Requests page.

By Dovainis Kalėda
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  1. Shwetha

    Congratulation, its good to here about introducing 247 multilingual support.

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