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Host1Plus & Mention: Monitoring Brand’s Online Presence

Host1Plus & Mention: Monitoring Brand’s Online Presence
June 20, 2016
| Company

Monitoring brand’s online presence is an integral part of every business. It allows companies to stay on track when analyzing market trends and customer demand.

Every day people share their thoughts about various companies online and it is a great challenge to track what’s being said. This is why a couple years ago we implemented Mention, media monitoring tool that allows tracking conversations on the web and social media platforms in real-time.

While working in a dynamic and competitive IaaS market, preserving our brand image is of the utmost importance and has a direct link with our sales. Like any other company in this market, we always monitor what people say about our brand online to be able to answer their questions, discuss any concerns they may have in a timely manner. Mention helps us to improve brand experience and build two-way communication – customers are always happy to receive comprehensive answers. This way we build trust and create long-term relationships with our clients.

We are happy to have a tool that helps us find online conversations that have an influence on our services. Having this information, we can continuously improve and take customer requests into account while we are planning hardware upgrades, new features and custom service solutions. Check out our success story to learn more about our journey with Mention.


Want to know more about how media monitoring helps to improve different businesses? Check out other success stories by Mention.

Do you monitor your business’s online presence? What tools do you use? Let us know!


By Dovainis Kalėda
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