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Cloud Servers UI Uncovered

August 25, 2016
| Articles, Cloud Servers

As we are heading towards the finish line, lets take a look at our sleek and simple Cloud Servers & API control panels.

Both control panels are designed to ease up your daily tasks and will help you efficiently manage your account and services throughout its whole lifecycle.

Manage VM

The control panel is designed to provide you with all the necessary information and management capabilities that you may need. The first thing you will notice after clicking on your Cloud Server is the overview of your virtual machine.

Such information as status, OS template, location, resources and more can be found here. You can also power on or off your server, restart it, access your server directly from the control panel via VNC console or track events in Task Journal.


Here you will be provided with your Cloud Server network information as well as  DNS & rDNS management options. Also, you can add additional IPs if needed.


This section of Cloud Server control panel gives you the ability to manage your storage. You can backup any of your disk volumes or schedule hourly, daily, weekly or monthly automated backups.

You might never know if something will go wrong while working on your projects, thus a backup is a good disaster recovery plan.


Interested what OS templates are available for you? Check out the Templates tab! Here you will see what template is currently installed on your Cloud Server and what other options you have. In addition, you can re-install current template with one click!


If you will ever find yourself needing more resources, Upgrade tab it the right place for you! Here you can add more resources, IPs and backups. While demand grows as the projects expand, there might be such scenarios that you have too much of what you use, in this case, feel free to downgrade and find the sweet spot where you will pay just for what you need!

Security & billing

Everyone is concerned about safety and so are we. In the Security tab, you will be able to obtain your root password. Password reset option is also available with just one click.

An important aspect while having any service is billing and other payment related information as you want to have all the information in one place. This is where Billing tab comes in handy – billing cycle, price, due date, payment automation options and service termination information can be easily accessed and managed here.


You can easily access your API key or generate a new one if needed in your Client Area and also view full API documentation with just one click!


Our clean and sleek Cloud Servers management panel is undergoing final polishing, thus if you have any suggestions do not hold back and tell us what they are.

Maybe you have functionality suggestions?
Perhaps you have UX insights?
What about overall design?

Write us a letter at feedback@host1plus.com or drop a comment down below!

By Dovainis Kalėda
Categories: Articles, Cloud Servers
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