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June 20, 2016
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Host1Plus & Mention: Monitoring Brand’s Online Presence

Monitoring brand’s online presence is an integral part of every business. It allows companies to stay on track when analyzing market trends and customer demand.

April 1, 2016
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Blog and Tutorials Renewed: Check ‘Em Out!

So we’ve become even more attractive! (more…)
March 21, 2016
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Host1Plus & Yotpo: Building Online Trust with Customer Reviews

More than 80% of shoppers conduct online research before buying! Thus, buying decision is influenced the most by customer reviews. When we want to buy something, the first thing we do is read customer reviews about that…
February 8, 2016
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Harsh Reality: What It Takes to Have Digital Privacy?

The Internet is a pretty remarkable thing. It provides us with so many opportunities to learn, socialize and entertain ourselves. What’s especially astonishing are the free and open services we all can enjoy. Unfortunately, most of them that are…
December 7, 2015
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Have something to say? Share your review!

Now you can share your experience directly on our website! Earlier this month, in collaboration with reviews and marketing solution provider Yotpo, we have implemented an in-house reviews system that assembles customer evaluations in one…
November 23, 2015
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Putting Ideas into Action! Customer Survey Results

Share your insights and be heard! (more…)
November 19, 2015
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The Ugly Side of Suspension Reasons

The influence of modern technology has made a huge impact on our lifestyles. We have reached a point where pretty much anything is accessible with a single click. (more…)