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UX Lessons Learned

February 19, 2015
| Articles

If you’ve been with us for some time, you may have noticed that recently our website underwent some significant changes. We can finally say a few words about our research and changes that were made so as to improve customer experience.


First, we want to thank Christopher Laas and Dominic Winsor for their insights and help during the whole period while we were striving to create a UX-optimized website. What have we learned from the process? Well, to be honest, a lot! And we have made lots of changes to make your every visit more pleasant!


From Non to Fully Responsive


From now on, the new website is implemented with a fully responsive design. Everyone may now enjoy a better viewing experience, which means clarity and handy navigation with minimum need of re-sizing and endless scrolling. Our customers are be able to access the website through any device – laptop, smartphone and/or tablet. To be honest, it is useful for both our customers and for us, as we do not need to manage different websites for different devices anymore. You may find everything in one place!


Simple and Flexible


The renewed website design has a completely new checkout system. The new checkout stands out because of  its simplicity and flexibility. From now on, it shows a wide variety of payment options – Paypal, Skrill, Paysera, CashU, Ebanx, Braintree, Alipay as well as credit card transactions and even Bitcoin payments. Also, the customer can see distinguished steps on how to check out and complete his purchase.  A simplified verification process by phone will make the checkout process even more prompt. We hope that will improve your shopping experience and you will fully enjoy our services.


Host1Plus renewed checkout


Meet Us!


Don’t forget to check out our About Us page. You will be able to meet the head of our company – Andrius Kazlauskas – and our team – the people who stand behind Host1Plus and work hard to maintain the quality of your services.


Host1Plus renewed about us page


Improved Affiliate Page


As we do appreciate our Affiliates so much, we felt the responsibility to create a page dedicated for them. From now on, everyone interested in Host1Plus Affiliate Program will see clear steps how to begin. A brief infographic shows how much you may earn and what should one do to increase their Affiliate commissions to the max.


Host1Plus renewed Affiliate page


Share Your Experience


Share your experience with us! Choose what kind of service you use and rate multiple separate services with a star-based rating system. We appreciate your feedback no matter what the score is, it really helps us to improve the service. Moreover, you are able to leave your additional comments below. No worries, you will be heard and every word will be a great incentive for Host1Plus improvement!


Host1Plus feedback system


More Informative


The site is loaded with informative product descriptions that help customers find what they are looking for and/or help them make up their minds and choose one service over another. Our main task at this point was to look at each service separately through the customers’ eyes and to see what expectations they have. Well, we ended up with these descriptions that ease your decision-making.


All the changes were done from scratch after lengthy discussions and research. Each and every step was taken to reach our goal – to give our customers an ability to enjoy their buying experience. We hope it worked!

By Judita Maslauskaite
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