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Terms Of Service Updated!

January 15, 2015
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This year we have been working hard to improve our services and boost our clients’ experience. We are determined to make sure that everything is clear, simple and straightforward.


The new version of Host1Plus Terms of Service were uploaded earlier this week. The new terms are expected to provide a clearer view on how our service actually works and explain the responsibilities and rights of all parties. The new version contains 13 comprehensive sections – both new sections and additional information in the old ones – so everything from sign up is explained in detail.


New Sections


If you take a look at the new Terms of Service, you will find more than a few complementary sections. New sections include Report Submission Policy to help our clients reach us quick and with ease in case they encounter a problem. Regarding our experience in the field, we ensure you that detailed procedures are crucial for fluent and quick operation – we always try to respond as fast as possible, however some measures need to be taken to improve the speed and quality of the service.


The new document contains new sections that were not distinguished before. However, these sections determine the regulations that have existed before, but they were not laid out in full detail. You will find that the terms are explained in a clear manner – each section contains information about a separate subject. For example, the Billing Account section provides full information about account eligibility, verification procedures and the responsibilities of an account holder. Comparing to the previous Terms of Service, the new ones provide a much deeper understanding on how the company operates.


Supplemented Sections


The former sections of our Terms of Service were supplemented by more detailed regulations and explanations why they are necessary. We have included accurate measures that are taken for not complying with the terms, as well as the exact periods, dates and fees for various causes.


To avoid confusion, we have also extended and specified our Acceptable Use Policy. We give a clearer view about what actions are considered illegal and what exact measures are taken to prevent or terminate unacceptable and/or illegal activities. Please note that on no circumstances we consider spam, DDos attacks as a legal actions. You may find a more detailed list in the new Terms of Service, section VII.


We kindly invite all our customers – both existing and new – to read and study the updated sections carefully, so as not to encounter any problems in the future.


Nothing Has Really Changed

However, do not be mistaken – the new version is just a more specified version of our Terms of Service. We don’t want to mislead our clients and we are bound to help them have a clearer view of our operating specifics. No one should be afraid of these changes – it will not affect your current services in any way.


However, what you should be aware is that the new Terms of Service are created to make the service experience more clear and transparent for our users, so we strongly advise you to read the new Terms of Service. We sincerely hope that these changes are not made for nothing and in the future we all will be able to avoid misconceptions, lack of information and other related issues.


Copyright Policy

Because of deep concerns about our behavior towards copyright infringement, we have broadened our Copyright Policy, as well. The new section provides a deeper understanding on what kind of activities and content (including unacceptable material and unacceptable resource usage) are strictly prohibited on your servers. You may find more detailed information on the subject in the new Terms of Service.


Please remember that the new Terms of Service are only supplemented with new sections and sub-sections of the older ones that contains of a wider descriptions and explanations of already existing requirements. The new Terms of Service were updated mainly because of one reason – to give clearance for our customers and to not put them in a difficult situation because of suspense.

By Viktorija Poderskienė
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