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Stirring Waters in UX: More Control in Your Client Area

October 16, 2015
| Articles

Admitting that there’s nothing perfect, neither everlasting, we were driven by previous observations and user behavior research results. Further UI development was inevitable.

Let’s go on a quick round trip through the Client Area and take a look at the improvements that were made.

VPS Service Management

“A simplified layout was the aspiration we came up with while working on VPS management panel designs. From now on, you can easily find your statistics and service information at a single page. An all-in-one approach was chosen in order to provide user functional Client Area where one can track performance and give controls with fewer clicks possible. This makes the service maintenance quick and easy” – claims Saulius Vikerta, senior designer at Host1Plus.

VPS management interface redesign

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We have also integrated JavaScript SSH virtual console directly to your VM management panel. Now you may access Secure Shell and move freely through your hosting account file structure straight at your Client Area.

VPS virtual console creation

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You can monitor live logfiles, stop your services, manage MySQL databases and install software without direct login to your control panel. Not sure how to start? You can always check our online resources for more information.

Moreover, all of your management options were simplified by including intuitive control buttons. Take a look at the top of your VPS management panel, click on the option you need and manage your VM with ease.

Dedicated Server Management

Have you ever found it difficult to access files on your hard drive? Or even worse – your hard drive disk broke down?

We’ve got a solution for cases like these! You can now turn your dedicated server into rescue mode to access your files all by yourself. Boot into rescue kernel and perform maintenance immediately if it ever happens that your system fails.

Dedicated server rescue mode

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In case something is troubleshooting your server, use soft reset option that will only clear the data stored in RAM. However, if this does not help you solve the problem, try hard reset and it will restore your device back to the shape it was delivered.

Oh, and if you were ever wondering where all of your bandwidth went – check detailed bandwidth and transfer volume statistics right here at the dedicated server management panel. It’s that easy, isn’t it?

DNS Management

From now on DNS management is not as complicated as it sounds. When starting to manage your domain records you have probably encountered difficulties that are now solved.

As our user behavior research shows, DNS management might be challenging. As a solution to this problem, we’ve updated our DNS management interface and as a result, it is now simplified, intuitive and enriched with informational tooltips to help you out.

DNS management information tooltips

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And if that’s not enough, check our online resources to get more tips on DNS management. You can also make use of our newly integrated and time-saving ticket auto-suggestions that provide you with related answers while you are still typing your question.

Ticket auto-suggestion box

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Authorized Payments

This is a completely new module that still needs the finishing touches and will be launched on October 20, 2015. A hassle-free new billing solution allows you to pay for the services automatically and avoid service suspension for overdue payments. Not sure how to start? Click here to find out more how it works.

We Hear You!

Your personal experience is of the utmost importance to us as it triggers the changes we perform in our UI.

Leaving the feedback

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We await your feedback and invite you to contribute to a better service by filling a short survey that is integrated on the very bottom of every Client Area page or directly to feedback@host1plus.com. All suggestions are highly appreciated!

By Judita Maslauskaite
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