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Start Your Career: The Most Popular Freelance Industries

April 28, 2014
| Articles

Individuals, who don’t enjoy the corporate 9-5 or are itching to be their own boss, now have a world of freelance possibilities. Almost all career paths can now be practiced in a remote or freelance manner. This is because there are numerous platforms that make the project management and communication as possible and payment options are much broader than a few years back.


If you are considering leaving your current day job or just freelancing as an extra income, you could choose one of the popular job types and become an expert within that industry. Of course, in some cases your chosen career path will rely on you previous experience or credentials, but with a few great samples and online courses some of these fields are open to anyone.



As a creative graphic design is one of the most popular freelance fields allowing the individual to take on various design projects and therefore gaining loads of experience in different fields. Working on a variety of tasks and design types will also give the designer job satisfaction that they might not have experienced in a less flexible 9-5 design environment.


Designers can look for job postings or advertise the service of Web Layout, Mobile Website Design, Business Cards, Corporate Identities, Logo Design, Stationery, Brochures, Newsletters, Product Packaging, Signs, Banners, Posters, UI/UX Design, Print Ads etc.



Programming and development is probably one of the best freelance industries to find yourself in. Not only is programming one of the most sought after skills in this technological age, but there is also a big need for applications, websites and programs in general. Think in the lines of the rise of e-commerce and m-commerce; these industries are all in need of programmers and developers.


This is one of those fields where you should have either studied computer science or worked yourself up from a relating position. It is possible to start out as a self-thought developer but you must be able to back your said experience and prove your coding skills.


As a freelance developer you could go in Application Development, Mobile Site Development, Website Development, WordPress Theme Development, WordPress Plugins, PHP, CakePHP, Javascript/jQuery, HTML5, Django, Ruby on Rails, Python etc.



Freelancing writing, in its many forms is one of the first freelance careers to trend online as well as offline. Since writing is in itself a specialized field, writers sometimes find the variety of projects and working for themselves much more pleasing.


For freelance writers there are numerous ways to go about it. Some writers prefer bidding for project on content sites such as Freelancer, Odesk, Guru and Vworker while others find projects on job boards or through making use of connections.


As a blogger or content writer you could choose to write within a specific niche such as lifestyle, beauty, fashion, technology, business, finance etc. You could also consider other writing fields such as press releases, grant writing, technical reports, feature articles, white papers, website copy, ad copy etc. The type of content you choose to write will also depend on your tone and style of writing. In the beginning stages it would be wise to try out all the types to see where you feel most comfortable.


Social Media Managers

Social Media is one of the main players of the communication game. People have become accustomed to interacting online on the platforms of their choice and brands use these channels for marketing and branding as well.


Every company that is looking to grow needs an online presence. In addition to a website or blog you also need to be active on social media channels. Not all companies or small business owners have the time to manage these channels, and that’s where you could fit in.


Being a freelance Social Media Manager would expect from you to translate the company’s voice and message on all the relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + etc.


This would be done a project basis and you will also have to compile an analytics report to show the prospective or current growth of the company’s online reach. As a freelance consultant you could also give advice to companies regarding their brand message and how to effectively communicate it online.


When it comes to freelancing the options are endless, it’s about understanding your marketing and finding the best way to build a client base and ensure that you have enough work to have steady income.


Have a look at what Entrepreneur.com has to say about the topic and what options there are when starting your freelance journey.


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By Anneke Steenkamp
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