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SSL Certificates – Common Sense

January 22, 2015
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Thinking about security measures when it actually comes to doing business online becomes a very important issue.

Imagine running a business that contains its customers’ sensitive data. If someone hacks your site, you have a lot to lose – you’ll diminish your business credibility and affiance. And that is not actually the worst scenario. You might make lots of harm for yourself as well as you are giving your bank and credit information for those who doesn’t have anything related to you. One moment your money is here and another – somewhere else.

At this point SSL certificates are absolutely necessary. For those, who have never heard about it and the term seems just came from nowhere, I want to give a quick reminder.

SSL is a secure sockets layer that encrypts data and makes it safe to transmit. It is crucial for those who work with sensitive information.  It secures the interchange of data between a customer and an online business. The layer encrypts data using two keys.  One key is public and known to everybody. The second key belongs to the customer which is kept as a secret and known to him only.

Sounds a little disturbing, huh? The question that comes first is this – why does one need to use an SSL certificate?

Obscure For Others

Working in an online business? Dealing with sensitive data? Then SSL is absolutely for you. Sensitive data might be personal customer information, their phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses and etc.; or financial information like credit card records, income history, payment history and etc. Imagine that you are disposing this kind of information and what can actually happen if it gets to a third party with bad intent who finds out how to get the sensitive information and how to make use of it. While an SSL encrypts this information, it becomes incomprehensible for those who do not have a proper key mentioned above.  So, why don’t you buy your key, lock your data and stay safe!


Info encryption through SSL

Build a Confident Clientele

Using an SSL certificate might also anticipate the success of your business as customers are likely to use a safe service than the one that could not be trusted. They will be more confident to share their personal information or other sensitive data with you. Moreover, SSL certificates ensure that your customers are not being phished and your company’s name doesn’t get dirty. It’s the other way round – not only it adds security; it creates confidence in your online business. „In some cases you are actually legally obliged to do so, like in NL, where there is a legal act that hold you as webmaster responsible for properly securing data and the transfer therefore between you and visitors“ – says Richard Becker, a head of Web Development Department of Host1Plus, -„nothing beats that little green lock“.

Host1Plus web development head about ssl

Get Higher Ranks

Moreover, by installing an SSL certificate into your own server you will increase you SEO campaign results. Why? Not so long ago, Google announced that websites that will have an SSL certificate will be considered as having a higher rank. This comes probably from the verification process, because the certificate by itself actually guarantees that you are really who you claim to be. In other words, it gives you more credibility and trustworthiness.

Cons: Cost and Flexibility

Even though there are lots of great reasons to have an SSL certificate installed on your website, you also need to know that you still might encounter some problems. The first disadvantage that many would actually list to you would be the price. Of course, there are some ways to get a free certificate but it is actually not recommended and especially for those website that works with lots of really sensitive information. The actual price of it can vary but you will still have to pay a little fortune for a good one. And it is still worth paying, because: „SSL certificates are our gateway to secure browsing. It’s one of the major components that build trust between your visitors and your project.  If your project carries any connections were secure data transfer is needed, an SSL and its provider will ensure that the connection in question is not compromised by a 3rd party and so – you and your client are safe!“ – states Eidmantas Ivanauskas, the CMO of Host1Plus.

Host1Plus CMO about ssl

Another disadvantage that is pretty obvious is that SSL certificates were actually created for web based applications. It might seem okay at first but if you would think deeper than a surface you would realize that nowadays smartphones and tablets become as much important devices as computers. Now, there is a possibility to install it in them as well but it might be a headache to set up it and might require changes to in-house software or even buying additional modules from application vendors. As you see, more IT knowledge and more money is required. However, there is always a possibility that your hosting provider would help you with that.

All in all, having a good paid SSL certificate solves lots of your business problems – from trustworthiness to better SEO results. Not only creates an image of a credible company but also provides a feeling of safety as the clients may feel confident that your site is secure. However, nothing actually can outweigh the benefits brought by SSL certificates.


By Judita Maslauskaite
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