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Why Hackers are Scarier Than Zombies?

October 30, 2014
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Halloween is upon us; all kind of horrors stalk the Earth. However, there’s a threat much more dangerous than zombies and other creatures roaming the world. What I have in mind is… hackers.


You might have seen how hackers look like in movies. Alas, in reality the picture is quite different – they are much less amiable and not that ridiculous. They are the evil-minded people one should be afraid of. Fear hackers, not zombies! If still in doubt, here is some proof.


Zombies Can Be Seen, Hackers Are Invisible

Zombies, at least mostly, can be detected by human senses. They can be seen, they can be heard. The exact action to sensing a footless zombie creep to your room might differ, yet they never are completely unnoticed. That gives their adversaries much of an advantage.


Hackers are not seen or heard. Although they leave their trace and can be finally located, they might easily get away with it anyway. Especially if they attack an ordinary user, lacking knowledge and skills to make amends with the attacker. Hackers’ attacks come out of thin air, their approach can’t be detected in the majority of cases. Ever tried to brawl with an invisible person? This is how hackers’ victims feel like.


Zombies Do It Out Of Hunger, Hackers Do It For Fun

Everyone believing in zombies knows why they hunt and attack human beings. It’s a simple and an easily understandable reason – they are hungry. They can even be distracted from their assumed victim, it can be saved if something else is offered to zombies. Fir example, if they see someone looking more appetizing.


Hackers attack just for fun. Or they simply wish to show how vicious they are. Or just because they are bored. In any case, one becomes hackers’ aim without them even knowing their victim – they actually don’t care about him. Most of the time, they attack just for fun. What can be scarier than being attacked by someone who chose you at random? You cannot predict, prevent or protect yourself from any attack in advance.


Zombies Can Be Tricked, Hackers Can Outwit You

One of the principal traits of zombies is their relatively low intelligence (if any at all). It’s not that hard to trick them into leaving you alone, especially if you keep silent and do not exhibit your presence. Zombies won’t wait if there’s no trace of their prey. They will leave.


Hackers, on the contrary, can only be aggravated if their victim tries to conceal its presence, or otherwise trick them. The tools that hackers use for their attacks do not respond to any manipulation. If you think it’s easy to hide from hackers, think again.


Zombies Act Alone, Hackers Cooperate

Lucky are those fighting zombies. The latter do not coordinate their efforts, they do not bring teams, they won’t ever have an army with commanders developing a strategy and controlling the battle. Although they can be numerous, they never take advantage out of that.


Hackers do come in flocks; they can get assistance from a cyber-kin of zombies – imagine large botnets, directed by malicious hackers, striking your network assets with an avalanche of junk traffic. These attacks can be devastating and hard to deflect. What’s worse, if hackers feel the victim tries to retaliate, they can bring more forces on their site, to make the victim feel really sorry.


Hackers Are Real

On Halloween, zombies may walk the Earth. Even if you believe they are real, they still have limited access to our world. They are more or less predictable in their status of imaginary evil.

Hackers, however, are among us and are coming to get you at any moment, hour, day or year. They can acquire lock, stock and barrel of your site or computer; they are extremely real and should never be ignored.


In case you get really scared reading about hackers, there are good news: hackers aren’t omnipotent. They are human beings, they can make mistakes. You only need to learn more about their ways and remember that preventing the disaster is much simpler and less costly than handling its damage. You will always stay secure by just doing right things and keeping your possessions safe. I guess we’ll talk about this next time. Meanwhile have a safe and happy Halloween!

By Konstantin Boyandin
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