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Railgun Technology Available for CloudFlare Users

April 15, 2015
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Last week our team has introduced Railgun network optimizer for those who are using CloudFlare services. From now on, our shared hosting users with cPanel will be able to take the advantage of this additional feature and optimize their websites even more efficiently.


What It Is And Why Do You Need It?


Railgun technology is generally designed to solve the problems related to connection between various CloudFlare data centers and origin servers. For example, if a request is sent to CloudFlare data center and it cannot be served immediately, Railgun technology will let to serve it really fast despite of the problem faced.


Also as CloudFlare has many data centers around the globe it could be said that Railgun technology erases the boundaries between the regions. As in most cases, requests are served by the data center that is nearest to the user, there are many chances that you will end up getting a web page quickly even in the situations when you are completely far from the data center’s location. So this ability to make a web site appear to be hosted close to the user is the most significant feature that accelerates your web surfing.


However, if your web page is not cacheable, there is some kind of misconfiguration, it changes frequently or is personalized, there is 1/3 chance that your request will have to be sent to the origin server and not to the one of CloudFlare international data centers.


In this case, what you need to know is that Railgun technology will solve these issues as well. It uses a complex of different techniques that lets to accelerate those uncacheable web pages and be delivered quickly even from the origin server.


Railgun will compress the data in the connection between your hosting provider and CloudFlare, so you will have way much more chances to minimize the amount of data needed to transmit over the internet. This lets your web page work in a way much faster manner.


Have you used Railgun? How did it work? Share your thoughts in the comments.


By Judita Maslauskaite
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