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Putting Ideas into Action! Customer Survey Results

November 23, 2015
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Share your insights and be heard!


We are happy to announce that your responses for our customer survey were finally collected and carefully analyzed. How are we supposed to know if our improvements and updates are working unless you tell us, right? In return, we will keep you informed of the progress made based on your feedback.


Thank You! Obrigado! Gracias! 谢谢! Спасибо! Ačiū!


First of all, we would like to thank everyone who took the time and filled in the survey. According to the results, customers all around the world took part in the survey.  Your feedback is highly important to us because it allows us to improve and make it better for you by understanding what the issues and areas for improvement are. As a result, you help us create high value service for you.


Rumored Buzz on Results Exposed


Survey results revealed that the top factors you pointed out why to choose Host1Plus are the best price and value relation, server locations and service quality. We are happy to hear that our services stand out as affordable and good value. We will try our best to maintain these qualities in the future.



Customers’ Top 3 Reasons to Choose Host1Plus


Customer survey results evaluation - top 3 factors to choose Host1Plus


We found out that 91% of respondents evaluate their experience with Host1Plus so far as positive or excellent. 85% of respondents would likely choose us for their future projects and 83% would recommend us to a friend or colleague. We are very proud of these results but we keep in mind that there is always some room for improvement. We promise, we will work even harder to fulfill your needs!



Service Satisfaction Levels


Customer survey results evaluation - service satisfaction levels


Less Talk, More Work! 


After collecting all your ideas together, we decided to put them into action. To begin with, VPS hosting users in all locations may now benefit from increased CPU, bandwidth and disk space. Secondly, we have decided to renew hardware in all locations, starting with the data center in Chicago, Illinois. Customers can already enjoy its benefits: greater connectivity, lower latency and better reachability levels for the customers in North America. Thirdly, we have introduced two new VPS hosting plans: Amber and Diamond with the initial price of only $2! Finally, simplified Client Area with all-in-one approach is now live and ready for your feedback! Oh wait… We forgot to tell you about our dedicated servers. What about them? We cut all prices in half and increased resources. All of them! 


We Listen 


Our customers help us grow and develop. We acknowledge the idea that what is good today might not be so good tomorrow. Therefore, we strive for constant development. In order to move towards the right path, we need your help and collaboration. This is why in the survey we asked for your thoughts and suggestions that we could adopt. Respectively, we listen to your ideas and make them come true. Please let us know if you have any further feedback, we are more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have. You can contact us at feedback@host1plus.com.

By Aistė Lenartavičiūtė
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