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New Year, Fresh Start

December 31, 2014
| Articles, Infographics

It’s been a long long year and it’s about to end.  Along with it, all our this year’s ups and downs.


For us, a new year always means a fresh start. We aim to be better at our jobs, with our friends and family; but at first we seek to improve ourselves.

Andrius (CEO and Co-Founder): “Read More Books”


Host1Plus CEO Andrius Kazlauskas

New year is around the corner and I am truly happy that the company has grown so much, attracting new skilled employees, triggering enthusiasm and giving all of us a taste of success. I sincerely hope that 2015 will be as prosperous as this year was and we will reach even more sky-high goals with improved customer services, renewed services and even more locations to come.


As for me, I promise to read all the books that I have planned but didn’t have time to, run 5 km each weekend, spend more time with my family, concentrate and dream more.



Eidmantas (CMO): “Be More Positive”

Host1Plus CMO Eidmantas Ivanauskas

This year was pretty magical for me – I have discovered myself anew. I am grateful for all the opportunities and challenges that have encountered. I truly believe that the smallest steps taken and changes made can make a huge impact both on our personal lives and at work. I am thankful for my team and my coworkers for their persistence, ambition and all the hard work! As for 2015, I promise to be more positive and kind, I’ll give up eating meet and work out for fun.





Saulius (Web Designer): “Fly a Hot Air Balloon”

Host1Plus web designer Saulius Sutkus

This year was superb! I have become a dad to a little baby boy and that says it all! As for next year I really hope that there will be more excitement and less frustration. As for my pledges for the upcoming year, I promise that I will learn how to ice skate, will fly a hot air balloon, run a marathon, go to work on bike, take a week off and completely slack off and do nothing. I hope I will eat less chocolate and won’t be late so often.





Judita (Communications Specialist & Blogger): “Resist Chocolate”

Host1Plus blogger Judita Maslauskaite

This year has brought me lots of new opportunities, working at Host1Plus being one of them. Next year I definitely will quit smoking and eating chocolate. I’ll say “no” more and get stressed less. I hope that I’ll be able to lay my hands on more creative tasks and develop my writing skills. And I must beat the other guys on Xbox.






Algirdas  (Server Administrator): “Quit Smoking”

Host1Plus server administrator Algirdas Zemaitis

This year was full of some major changes both at work and my personal life. I have quit my job after 7 years and have joined Host1Plus and guess what? I think this was the best decisions in my life. I hope that 2015 will be as rich with opportunities and challenges as this year was.

As for my new year’s resolutions, I’d like to keep up the good work and make my colleagues laugh even more often. I also promise to man-up and learn how to snowboard.


Our Year in a Short Infographic

2014 was really amazing for every single one of us in the company. We have achieved our collective and personal goals and have really bonded both as a team, and as friends. Check out our year in this brief infgraphic!


2014 of Host1Plus (infographic)


We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year! Let the celebration begin. Cheers to 2015!

By Viktorija Poderskienė
Categories: Articles, Infographics
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