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Make Your Affiliate Account Profitable

February 5, 2015
| Articles

As you already know, our Affiliate Program has an open membership and is available for everyone. As you get on board there is nothing easier – just sign in, spread the word and earn your commissions. But do you keep the cash flow coming?


Affiliate programs are becoming more and more popular among various companies worldwide. What is so special about them? Well mainly because it has mutual benefits – for the company  itself an the client, as the client earns money and the company increases its credibility and sells goods.


To start with, let me remind you how our Affiliate Program works. All you need to do is just to pick a banner and place it on your website. After your visitors click on the banner and buy a service from Host1Plus you start earning money. When your earnings reach $50 you straightly receive a payment.


One of the most common myths about affiliate marketing is that it is quick and easy to manage. However, this is not entirely true. If an Affiliate seeks to increase his earnings to the max, it requires some effort and persistence to stand out from the crowd and reach your goal.


When you become an Affiliate, there are some crucial things to consider before starting the actual work. Think of the looks of your website after you place the banners, make a strategy on how you will attract people and how you will make them buy something from the company, because only in this case you will start earning.


Banner Layout


If you are a complete starter in the sphere, keep in mind that every little detail counts. Not only is the place of the banner important but other requirements as well. Do not overdo with the number of banners and keep in mind that the recommended number of ads in one page is three. Moreover, the place of the banner is important as well. If you are trying to generate more clicks and sales (which you totally do), think of the layout and put the banners that are the most important into the certain position.


For example, vertical ads look much better next to the content, on its sides. The square ones or rectangles will get the most attention in the center of the column. And of course, the banners you place on the bottom of the content will get the least attention. You simply cannot put all the banners in the most profitable positions, so you should think which of them are the most visible and relevant for your visitor because there are more chances your visitor will buy a service or product from the advertiser.


Attracting More People


The first thing that should matter for you if you really wish to attract more visitors is to make sure that your banners are related to your content. What does it mean? In other words, nobody should place a banner about shoes in a website about animal rights, huh? Please don’t do that. People are coming to your site expect to explore your content, not to look at banners. Believe me, you will have more chances to attract more referrals if your visitors see the banners which are more or less related to your website content.


However, if you run a website or blog that isn’t actually related to tech, you still can refer the company to your readers. Don’t you usually do that when you encounter something you really like? You just have to pick the right format – an article or a review usually does the trick (don’t forget to put your Affiliate link!).


Do Not Sell, Make Them Want to Buy


How do you make people buy something from the company? It’s quite simple. Try to look to everything through your visitors’ eyes. What kind of information will get the most attention? Would visuals catch their interest? And more importantly, how to make them buy services from the company?


Another option is referring the company on social media networks. As the usage of social media is still on the rise, you must exploit all possibilities and opportunities that it gives. Don’t forget to place your Affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other ones – the higher reach and engagement you have, the more commissions you might earn.


Finally, as an Affiliate, your performance requires lots of knowledge and skills. You might succeed unintentionally, but if you want to be guaranteed that your Affiliate account is profitable, you need to put some effort and thinking into it. And remember, we’re always there to help!


Are you already an Affiliate member at Host1Plus? How much have your earned already? Share your experience! Also, if you ever have any questions or suggestions regarding our Affiliate Program, please contact us at affiliates@host1plus.com.

By Judita Maslauskaite
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