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How To Make Online Friends Not Followers

January 21, 2014
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One of the biggest problems with communication these days is that it is mostly happening online. Social Media accounts are used as a tool to generate traffic and not necessarily build relationships. If you want to be a game player and be remembered online, there are a few tips you can follow in doing so.


Believe it or not, people can determine your credibility and intentions online without you even knowing it. Try to build relationships instead of just attracting likes, shares and followers.


Introduce Yourself

Instead of just trying to shove your product or service down the online community’s throat – try to introduce yourself to individuals. This should be done in such a matter that they don’t feel threatened that you might try to sell them something. Establish a common interest and share this with the individual without expecting anything in return.


It’s Not About You

As you will learn in most of your friendships; it’s not just about you. It is important to show the other person that they matter. This could be done by asking them questions about their life, career or personal development. Every individual deserves to feel loved and respected and by just listening to their story or concerns, you are giving them the needed attention.


Connect on Other Platforms

Fellow Twitter users, for instance, won’t feel like just another follower if you connect with them via email as well. This will show them that you are genuinely interested in their lives and not just after another like or follow as part of your branding statistics. You could even suggest Skype chats or WeChat where the conversation would be personal and not aimed at what the social sphere is thinking or seeing.


Be a Problem Solver

A great way to make friends online is by helping them out. Whether someone is looking for the healthiest Lasagna recipe or struggling to find the right WordPress plugin; give them the solution. Once again, don’t expect anything in return; you shouldn’t have any ulterior motives.


Participate in Conversations

Just because an online conversation isn’t directed at you, doesn’t mean you can join in on the chat. Comment on posts that you find interesting and share your knowledge on the topic. This is another great way to make friends online.


Show That You Are Human

Friendships usually start out when two individuals share personal details with one another and trust that the other has their best interest at heart. Put yourself out there by allowing others into your personal world by sharing pictures, struggles and goals. This way you will attract like-minded people and you could develop a friendship from there. Think of Instagram fitness profiles, by just sharing progress pictures and meal plans users are attracking bucket loads of followers.


Share Informative Content

In the online realm you have to make yourself memorable in order to stand out. Like it or not, there has to be something different about you. Usually backing up your social networking with a website or blog shows that your depth and allows friends to see what makes you tick.


Run a blog about your hobbies or interests and share informative content with your audience. By doing this you assure that you attract both friends and followers. Keep your blog updated and allow your friends to comment on the articles. This way you are creating discussions on yet another platform where you can be making friends.


Suggest Offline Meet-ups

If this is in any way a possibility this could really cement your friendship. Suggesting an offline meet up is a clear indication that the other party isn’t just another number on your social networks. This shows that you are ready to sacrifice your time for that person and not just a two second Retweet. Even if the other party isn’t as interested in meeting up, the suggestion itself will show them that your intentions are clear.


These are just a few ways to establish online friendships and relationships without coming across as a desperate marketer. Even if you do want to attract some traffic it wouldn’t hurt to make friends with your following to cement that relationship.

Image Courtesy: Libby

By Anneke Steenkamp
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