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Stirring Waters in UX: Client Area Renewed

July 28, 2015
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According to IBM, “ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t.” And that’s what defines the whole UX idea just in a few words.


Making the right decisions based on you, on your comfort and your pleasant use of any online service is the main and the final goal of both – small and large scale business. So we also take the responsibility to make sure that our clients are content. The result we’ve achieved is presented to you through the Client Area – check it out and enjoy the simplified layout and more functionality that should ease your whole browsing process.


So What’s New?


#1 Renewed Dashboard. Now, if you log in to your client area, do you see the difference? The whole idea of making these particular changes was to provide you with your detailed account information. As you see, the new header displays your account balance, due invoices and fund adding links. This will save the time you usually spend on searching for this information.


Host1Plus renewed Client Area dashboard

[Click to see full size image]


#2 Menu Options. A clear rearranged menu will ease your access to certain UI options. You may review all of our hosting services at one place under Services – check your hosting packages, service status, billing cycles and due dates. This will help you keeping your website on track without forgetting to make a payment on time. Also, detailed information related to billing is displayed under Finances. You can pay your invoices and even make it happen automatically by adding funds to your account.


Menu options at Host1Plus Client Area


#3 Your Account Details. No more endless browsing! Quickly find what you are looking for, as all your account details are laid out in a single page – everything from your account information to password changing option. Less clicking, less lingering!


Account details page at the Client Area

[Click to see full size image]


#4 Support Ticket Information. Enjoy a quick access to your ticket information page! Each time you contact our support team to solve your issues, you will see a dialogue block where you can open new tickets, browse through your current conversations with our team members and closed ticket history.


Support ticket creation at the Client Area

[Click to see full size image]


All of these new features should help you quickly find all the necessary information and ease the whole service management process.  However, we understand that there is always space for improvements, so if you have any suggestions for our Client Area, please contact us at feedback@host1plus.com.

By Judita Maslauskaite
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