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Efficiently Hosting a WordPress Website

March 4, 2015
| Articles

Often overlooked, efficient WordPress hosting is one of the best ways to start and develop an online project. In case if you are not IT-savvy, you are still able to power-up your ideas online. Take a peek at the main steps to make it even easier.

#1 Paid vs. Free WordPress

So, need a website? There are two possibilities to host a WordPress website. You can choose between WordPress.org or WordPress.com networks. The main difference is that one requires payment and the other is free.

Why should you pay extra if you can get it completely for free, right? Well, the paid version has its advantages. You will enjoy more flexibility, customization options, and freedom while using your site and managing the content. Also, you will get an independent domain, as with the paid version you become a part of the network – yourblogname.wordpress.com.

It’s really worth to sign up for the paid version, especially if you’re pretty serious about your online project that you’re planning. The price doesn’t bite as well – it varies between 2-10 dollars per month. If you can afford it, then why not make use of additional functionality and independence? There is also lots of amazing tutorials and online courses that teach you how to build your own blog.

#2 Hosting Type

If you sign up for the paid version, another thing that needs to be considered is what kind of hosting type you need. When there are so many options it might become a real headache, especially if you have no clue about the features and resources that you might need. Relax, we’re here to help!

I would suggest considering either shared or VPS hosting. If go with shared hosting, you won’t spend much – it costs approximately one dollar per month. However, if you’re aiming to quickly grow your audience and/or put loads of heavy content on your site, shared hosting will not fully support your needs. The thing is that shared hosting is not as customizable and flexible as VPS. It doesn’t let allow you to upload as many visuals or to attain as many visitors because you will simply go out of resources.

Host1Plus web hosting

VPS is way more customizable. You can boost the resources while you grow. Also, compared to shared hosting, it gives you way more possibilities – upload more visuals, get higher traffic and much more. It’s unlikely that you will ever run out of resources, as they are not shared among the other people on the same server.

Host1Plus VPS hosting

#3 Domain Registration

Another step that leads to efficient WordPress hosting is choosing and registering a domain name. You should think of something simple, memorable but at the same time catchy. Imagine that you need to create a word that could reveal your blog the best but would stand out from the mass.

Another suggestion is to make your domain short. Avoid three or more complex words – it makes it more difficult for the people to remember the name and you might loose a significant portion of your potential traffic.

When choosing the possible ending of your domain name you should consider your target audience. If you’re focusing on a single region, you might use country TLDs, like co.uk for UK audiences or .de for Germany and etc. For a wider reach, the best option is using .com. Why? Mainly, if you want higher traffic and access to as many international audiences as possible, this TLD should work better.

#4 Installation

But wait, you will still have to do some technical work. You will have to download and install the software. If you actually think that you don’t have enough IT knowledge, try to find a company that offers one click auto-installation that will not require any specific attainments.

Using the One-Click Application Auto-Installer powered by Host1Plus, you will be able to achieve the goal pretty easy.

  • 1 step. Choose the CMS you need.

1-click installer, choose CMS

  • 2 step. Seek the installation path. Enter your domain name and the directory.

1-click installer, choose domain and directory

  • 3 step. Fill in your general information – select the version you require and language you want to use; set the frequence of the updates.

1-click installer, general information

  • 4 step. Next, enter your username and password, and click install. That’s it!

1-click installer, installation

#5 Extras: WordPress Themes

The best thing from all is that WordPress is really easy to use and highly customizable – you can change almost anything and everything without struggle.

If you want your website to stand out because of a unique and functional design, you can easily find many different themes with multiple customization options. Choose the one you like the most and customize it the way you like.

The thing is that all of the themes are really functional – no matter what kind of website you are running, you will be able to easily find the theme that is suitable for specific topics. WordPress will give you unlimited possibilities – playing with fonts, multiple image display options, custom color selection, a variety of post formats, custom menus, a responsive layout and many more.

We have reviewed some of the most popular WordPress themes before, so we can take a look again.


An extra-clean WordPress theme for bloggers, who are looking for minimal and fetching designs. This has a fairly large heading font. Its responsive design looks great on all devices – a beautiful display with the main focus on the content. You won’t get lost among many useless features and details.

WP theme RYU


A cozy theme for all kinds of projects fully equipped with all the necessary features – a handy menu, social media links, and more. This beautiful theme, created by Automattic contains a centered content column and on the whole an easily browsable structure. Syntax theme is described as text-focused, but it really works fine for visual blogs as well.


A really fun theme made by Elmastudio. A fresh, responsive design adapts well and shows both images and text beautifully. For those who like to play with typo – there are several layout options, including large scale quotes. Cocoa theme is extremely highly customizable – so many options to choose from!

WP theme Cocoa

 #6 Extras: WordPress Plugins

A variety of plugins is the cherry on top of WordPress hosting. Need an SEO tool? A contact form? A tool that would secure you from spam? WordPress will cover it all. Go to the plugins search window and sink in the variety of options available. Take a look at some of the most popular and useful plugins below.


It is a multipurpose WordPress plugin, which includes a variety of different modules. Even though not all of the features will be useful for your specific website, some of them might be really interesting to try, for example, punctuation and spelling checking, statistics and etc. This plugin is designed for those who think that a single flexible plugin is enough to make the website’s performance easier.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is one of the most frequently used search engine optimization (SEO) tools. This plugin analyzes the records of headers, content and structure of the other columns, also it indicates the weaknesses and provides an array of editing options, which, in fact, help to prepare a website for higher ranking in search engines.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin helps to optimize content for search engines because it improves the work with Google. This plugin creates sitemap.xml for existing pages and records, thus it affects your web indexation on Google and other engines. It really helps to appear in higher search positions so this is one of the essential tools for optimization.

Wind Up

Attractive themes, functional plugins, the right hosting plan will totally help you out. So think wisely – before you host, think t out what you actually need. This will help you to create a wider attitude on what you want from your site and select the best add-ons to fulfill your vision of the website.

By Judita Maslauskaite
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