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A Dozen Must-Have Apps For Job Hunting At Home

June 9, 2014
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I recently wrote a piece detailing how you can search for a new job without the need of leaving your house or wearing pants. However, such a worthy enterprise as finding employment while wallowing around in Slob Mode nevertheless requires the proper tools to carry it out. And let’s not forget those times when for some reason you do acquire pants and wish to leave the house, yet still want to continue your job search.

Naturally, this means you need apps for your smart phone, and here are a dozen of them for Android and iOS, all with the intention of making your job of finding a job that much easier. You’ll notice that I didn’t even include the app versions of established job hunting sites such as Monster or LinkedIn (and yes, they each have an app as well!), since those are rather obvious.
Unless otherwise specified, the Android version can be found in the Google Play Store, and the iOS version at the App Store.
Indeed (Android & iOS; Free). This app enables you to search for available jobs, using filters such as location and salary. You can also set up email alerts when particular jobs become available. It’s very easy to use, with two main search fields to fill out: What and Where. Once you fill those out and hit “Find Jobs”, the fun begins.
CareerBuilder (Android & iOS; Free). Search for local or national jobs, enter multiple cities to search in, plug in your salary range, and off you go. Like Indeed, you can set up email alerts to let you know when interesting jobs open up.
BeKnown (Android & iOS; Free). Launched by Monster.com, this app works in conjunction with your Facebook account so that you can establish a job-search identity on Facebook without exposing employers to your more personal side, so they won’t see that selfie with the caption “OMG working sux lol”. If you’re really into Facebook and you’re looking for a job, this app is an absolute must.
Job Compass (iOS; Free). Okay, this app definitely falls into the category of “something different”. This app searches for jobs based on your iPhone’s GPS to show you job openings relative to your location, and you can set up a search radius from five miles to one hundred (hey, some people really enjoy long commutes!). You can even apply for the job through the app itself.
Snagajob (Android & iOS; Free). Like many other apps on this list, Snagajob lets you set up email alerts for new job openings, and enables you to apply for a job directly via the app. What sets Snagajob apart from the pack is that it’s a particularly great app for finding a job that pays by the hour in the retail, customer service, or restaurant industries.
SimplyHired (Android & iOS; Free). This app is more of a job listing aggregator that pulls positions from a host of sources such as company sites, online newspapers, and other job search engines. You can set up email alerts for jobs that fit your criteria, and apply directly via the app. This is a great app for finding contract work and part-time work as well as the usual full-time positions.
Pocket Resume (iOS; $3.99). Actually now called Resume Builder, you can create, edit, and email your PDF-rendered resume via your iPhone. It’s a nice way to have your resume with you at all times, and not have to worry about handling paper.
Hidden Jobs (Android & iOS). Why are these jobs hidden? Well, it’s more a case of these jobs not being advertised in the first place, that’s all. This app tracks millions of jobs at companies that don’t advertise their positions.
Real-Time Jobs (iOS; Free). You just knew that Twitter would somehow come up in this article, didn’t you? Of course. Twitter is everywhere.This app comes from TwitterJobSearch and enables you to find and apply to jobs posted on Twitter. You can upload a resume or a link to your favorite social media profile, if you’d like.
Interview Prep Questions (iOS; Free). Do you experience anxiety over being asked questions that you may not be prepared for? Fear not, for this app is a series of flash cards that feature dozens of interview questions, as well as tips on how to answer them. Never have your words fail you again!
Intro (Android & iOS; Free). Let’s face it, sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This app works through either your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, introduces you to new people on your network, lets you review their profiles, and request a connection. Furthermore, you can be notified of events in your area that correspond to your network and industry.
CardDrop (iOS; Free). Just because social media and mobile computing are the dominant power in today’s business world doesn’t mean that the old school concept of business cards is dead. This app lets you create a digital business card and hand it out by dropping it virtually. You can trade virtual cards with other users and connect with them by means of Twitter or LinkedIn.
This dozen should be enough to give anyone a good start on the job search front. Now relax, put your feet up, let the cat climb into your lap, and start searching for a new job!
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By John Terra
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