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How to Turn Customer Dissatisfaction Into a Positive for Your Business

Customer Support
May 22, 2014
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It’s the bane of every entrepreneur: the customer complaint. You’ve poured your soul into building what you believe to be a fantastic service or product, but your customer doesn’t quite feel the same way. Maybe the product that they purchased from you broke. Maybe they’re complaining about tech problems with your app that could easily be solved by a quick stint to Google.
It’s a brutal reality of doing business. But it’s not all bad – even if customer complaints stress you out, make you angry, or leave you rolling your eyes. You can actually transform customer anger and restlessness into a boon for your business. Here’s how.

Shatter the Stereotype

You should always remember the plain truth: your customers don’t enjoy having to file complaints any more than you enjoy having to deal with them. Everybody involved just wants a world where your creations functions smoothly.
When things don’t go well, customers cringe – not only because your product malfunctioned, but also because nobody wants to trudge to customer support. Honestly, people don’t expect decent customer service these days.
What people do expect are maze-like systems of robotic phone automation, support staff speaking broken English, and email tickets that sit for hours or days without a response. People loathe having to complain because customer support is oftentimes where hopes of usability go to die. The common view is that companies don’t really care about people once those people have already purchased a product.
Faced with such a bleak picture, people feel that complaining won’t get them very far – but they do it anyway, because there aren’t any other viable options.
In such a harsh landscape, however, there is opportunity.

Good customer service will be a pleasant surprise for people. In turn, great service will shock them in the best possible way.

You can capitalize on their expectations of awful support by overturning those expectations and offering top-notch help.
People who expect their complaints to be mishandled will be overjoyed when they’re taken seriously and seriously helped – they’ll be infinitely more likely to keep paying you for your services.

Better Safe than Sorry

Do you currently have good support? Or is your support system subpar? Either way, it doesn’t hurt to over-correct for shoddy customer service, and if you already boast decent support for customers who are having problems then you only stand to benefit from taking it to the next level.
Why? Perception matters. People talk about businesses, and the things they say influence how you are perceived. Informal conversations between friends and co-workers build a public image of your company, and the advent of widespread blogging and social media have made it easy for those conversations to happen over longer distances.

Providing a stellar response to customer complaints boosts the public’s perception of your company.

When people talk about how well your business responded to their problem, others will take interest. If you go above and beyond in dealing with customer complaints, then their perception of your endeavor will undergo a big shift – from poor (they had some complaints) to awesome (they got great support).
The thing about perceptions is that, as important as they are, they’re highly subjective. You can never tell exactly how someone will take something. What is great support to one person is merely average to another. That’s why it’s key to aim for stellar support.
If your business can muster effective, caring responses to customer complaints that go far above and beyond what is expected, you’ll be sure to make a good impression on all but the most pessimistic people. That, in turn, boosts peoples’ perceptions about your business. And in an age where the Internet allows opinions to spread like plague on a medieval ship, maintaining a good public image is key to keeping your business afloat.

Back to You

In today’s world, people aren’t used to receiving good customer support. When they have problems with a product or website, they generally expect that their complaints will be handled poorly.
Taking the opposite route and offering incredible support for customer complaints is a sure way to shock people – in a good way! Doing so gives them a positive perception of your business, which is key because of the social nature of today’s business climate.
How have you been able to boost the quality of your company’s customer support? Do you know of other businesses that get this right? Let us know in the comments below!
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By Tom Ewer
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