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3 Creative Christmas Social Media Campaigns

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December 22, 2014
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The holiday period is a time when we traditionally see retailers revving up their marketing efforts to ensure that they get their slice of the Christmas pie.


Large brands spend huge amounts of money on TV ad campaigns, social media and print. In the UK for example, TV advertising has seen the usual wars when it comes to which company has made the best, with Sainsbury and John Lewis sparring for the title with two very good ads designed to bring a tear to the eye.


However, for smaller brands, prime time TV advertising is rarely achievable within more constrained marketing budgets so it’s necessary to come up with something pretty special that will stand out on social media. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best campaigns from previous years with a view to kick starting your creative processes.


#1: Topshop Pinterest Contest


Top Shot Pinterest Contest


Competitions on social media are nothing new or particularly special and many brands run them during the holiday period so it’s difficult to stand out. However, clothing brand Topshop managed to do just that with their #DearTopshop campaign which asked Pinterest fans to create a mood board that’s representative of their perfect Christmas day. All of the entries had to include the above hashtag and submit the link to the Topshop website.


The best boards were then judged and the winners given a shopping spree worth up to £500. Boards could include holiday decorations, the best Christmas outfits to wear, trees, gifts – in short, wherever your imagination took you. The company also featured pins that attracted a lot of shares on its home page, so for small businesses this was invaluable. Not only does Pinterest drive traffic pretty well, but a backlink to a top retail site is a coup as well.


For the company itself, it’s a great way of attracting and retaining loyal followers who are then much more likely to buy too.


#2: Coca Cola Christmas Sweater Generator


Coca Cola Christmas Sweater Generator


OK so in order to come up with an interactive campaign such as this, you’re going to need either some serious coding skills or a nice fat budget. Coca Cola’s 2013 Christmas jumper campaign was a stroke of genius but that’s not really a huge surprise because if one company knows how to utilise digital media, it’s this one.


Smaller brand can take lessons from Coca Cola’s approach though and that’s one that always looks to get consumers involved. Once they are, the company invites them to share their creations with the world, generating a lot of movement on social media. The brand did a similar thing with its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign which saw lots of images of Cola bottles with people’s names on them being shared across social media.


#3: Social Santa by WwrSM


Agency ‘We Are Social Media’ last year created the Social Santa app which reads your tweets and determines whether you’re naughty or nice and deserving of a gift this year. The app works by looking at your tweets over a course of time to see how many times you’ve uttered profanities on your account.


I gave it a try this year, as it’s being run again and of course, there were 0% of swear words found on my account which means that I’m nice (a bit too much so, according to the app).


See below for proof.


Social Santa by WwrSM


This is a fun and creative idea which allows fans to engage with the brand by sharing their result. The app is simple to use and it’s not taking itself too seriously, something which the consuming public really do enjoy. I would imagine that the exercise was extremely useful for the company last year, since it’s being run again this, not least because it’s found its way into many lists such as this which will give the company a huge boost when it comes to its online presence.


How to Improve Your Own Campaigns


If you haven’t planned out your holiday campaign yet then you’d better get cracking. The busiest period in the run up to the Christmas period begins long before the actual event itself. However, if you haven’t all is not lost, but you don’t have a lot of time to get the planning done thoroughly.


Firstly, think about email, as it’s simple to adjust the message in your newsletters to target holiday shoppers. Tailor you campaigns with the following in mind:


  • Don’t go overboard with the festivities – remember that not everyone celebrates at this time of year. Further to this, too much falling snow, music on opening and general festivity will distract from the message that you’re attempting to get across and probably irritate many people into hitting the trash button.
  • Step up the campaign – at this time of year, consumers expect to see more marketing messages that they normally do so tolerance is higher. Aim to send out more email than usual with targeted offers.
  • Create personalised offers – personalisation is powerful and if you have the ability to create offers tailored to certain groups, then do so.


Of course, you should think about social media too and try to come up with a campaign that’s creative and that users will want to engage with. Offers and competitions help with this but try to think outside the box and don’t just come up with the standard ‘share this post for a chance to win’. Really think about how you can be different enough to capture the imagination. Perhaps create an app for Facebook, or a competition that really gets users interacting and creating something to contribute like Topshop did.


Any time of celebration is a time when marketers need to think about how they can use it to their advantage. It’s really better to put in sound planning well ahead of time in order to come up with something a little special, but you can create last minute campaigns if absolutely necessary. Just make sure that you know your audience well and target your campaign appropriately and there’s no reason why your business’ Christmas can’t also be a very happy and prosperous one!

By Kerry Butters
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