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Where Cloud Hosting Is Heading In The Next 5 Years?

January 19, 2015
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Together with the growing opportunities of the Internet, the actual hosting services are growing as well. A bigger variety of hosting types, greater security measures, better flexibility and performance options are offered day by day. However, it is not difficult to distinct the leaders of the market as well. Even though VPS remains being on the top, you can notice the actual growth of cloud computing.


There have been many discussions on how cloud computing is making our lives easier, provides an efficient cost and even contributes to the environment related issues. Contrarily to that, many argued that it is not secure enough and is vulnerable. It seems that there are still lots of spheres that need to be improved and, in my opinion, will be fixed in the next 5 years. So what will actually change and how cloud hosting will be improved soon?


More Applications – Better Performance


As Internet applications are becoming more and more available on the cloud, it’s predicted that by 2020, more than a quarter of all applications will be available via cloud as well. Talking more specifically that means that the users of cloud hosting will be able to use much more features on their server. So better performance options will be provided. This will probably solve the common issues of making demands as the customers will have an ability to get what they want straightly on-demand and even using their mobile phones.


Increased Development


According to Evans Data Corporation, there are more than 18 million software developers worldwide but less than 25 percent are developing for the cloud yet. However, experts expect that more and more of them will contribute to it soon. IDC states that 85 percent left are building the new software for cloud. For common hosting users like we, this would practically mean that we will be able to adapt different strategies implementing the cloud, will have a better convenient management and on-premise solutions.


Hybrid Cloud


As the use of the cloud is more or less usual nowadays, it is predicted that in the next five years more and more people are going to use hybrid cloud computing. It will actually provide a combination of new strengths that will be related to the better management of the server. All the issues related will be implemented because of the difficult environments that we currently have. It will be pretty difficult to move everything on the cloud so it will probably be more hybrid to make the task accomplished easier.


Better Security


Moreover, it is pretty important to review the existing security in cloud computing that is one of the biggest issues at the moment. Imagine that you are a private company that holds much private data. And having it actually means that you put it on a cloud, where many other people also have the access and they place their data as well. How secure can that be? This is probably the easiest way to explain this problem. However, in 2015 IT decision makers spending on security technologies has increased the investments up to 38 percent. The tendency of increasing the money spent on security measures is significant and is predicted to be even higher in the near future.


Less Vulnerability


As cloud computing is actually based on the public internet it becomes more vulnerable as well as it becomes a target for malicious users and hackers. As you probably already know, nothing is really secure on the internet, right? This is a problem that needs to be solved as well soon for cloud computing developers whose main purpose is to increase the number of its users. To achieve this task, these developers are expected to create new tools that would decrease the main vulnerabilities of cloud computing. You will be able to feel as safe as never before in the environment of cloud.


Less Dependency

Another major issue attacking the users of cloud computing is dependency on the hosting provider. What it actually means is that since you sign up with one provider it is pretty difficult to migrate to another one. And if you migrate, it might be very difficult to transfer this huge data to another provider, right? As to attract more users of cloud computing this issue is also predicted to be solved in the nearest 5 years from now on. It seems that new tools of transferring data are being invented.


All in all, many innovations are going to change the existing market of cloud hosting. A customer will be actually able to manage his server much more efficiently, he will be also guided by new opportunities and better security measures. To sum up with, I just want to add that all the users of cloud hosting has to be prepared for the upcoming innovations that will completely change the existing market.

By Judita Maslauskaite
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