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Branding 101: How to Set Yourself Apart

February 20, 2014
| Articles

Are you looking to enter the world of business, but you have no idea where to start? Try following some of these branding tips to set your product or service apart.

It’s in the Name

One of the first things in order to stand out within the noisy realm of branding is to choose a unique, memorable name to accompany your brand. Try to choose something that’s either completely out of the box, or sounds relevant to the service or product that you are trying to sell.


Keep in mind that the name should be something that is easy to spell to simplify the process of contacting and researching your company. When you choose your brand name, find out whether another company might already be using that name. A good indication when selecting your brand name is to see whether the URL is still available; if not you might already be having some unnecessary online competition. Use any of the domain registrars’ websites in order to find if your brand name or URL is still available.


Have Brilliant Designers On-board

Beautiful, on-trend design is really something that could set your brand apart. Not only does this show that you are informed on the latest design trends, but it also shows that you don’t mind spending an extra penny in order for your website or branding to look impeccable. People like to look at pretty things and they would want to make use of a website that is functional.


Hire a graphic designer and web developer when you are building your brand to attract a online and offline following. Companies such as RockPaperScissors Design specialize in helping your brand get the best representation to aid in your marketing strategy.


Invest in a Marketing Strategy

If you are creating a new brand within a business that is already up and running, you probably already have a marketing team in place. Figuring out a strategy that would work for you is crucial in setting your brand apart. For small businesses or start-ups there are various ways in which you could implement a marketing strategy.  Choose a freelance team or virtual assistant to take control of all your marketing needs, trust the professionals to handle the fields that you aren’t comfortable with.


Be a Conversation Starter

Set your brand apart by being a conversation starter. Some of the best advertisements are those that leave an impression or make you think. Showcase your brand in such a way that it creates online and offline conversation. This could be done through remarkable content shared from you blog or an interesting advertising campaign or strategy.


You could also ride the wave of what is already trending online by adding your company’s viewpoint or perspective into the mix. Don’t be afraid to address others directly, this way you show that your company is strong, influential and not afraid to take risks. Remember to follow online etiquette  and don’t say anything that could come across as being insulting, this could destroy your brand.


Feature Where it’s Relevant

Your online presence is just as important as your brand or product itself, but don’t slave yourself in trying to feature on every possible social network. Do some research and find what is relevant to your brand. The big names such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is a necessity for your brand’s online representation, so make sure that you are active on these channels.


Become a Reliable Name

Stand out from the crowd by being consistent with your interactions and overall communication. Of course you won’t be marketing a brand or product that you don’t believe in; so show your audience and following that you are authentic. Never make promises that you can’t keep whether it be sending an email or running an online competition. Try your best not to disappoint your audience and make sure that you are consistent in every way. By being a brand that they can trust, your following with become loyal to your brand and this will set you apart from the no-names with empty promises.
Creating and maintaining a brand is hard work, but by following the above-mentioned guidelines you will be on the right track to secure that your brand creates some buzz.


Image Courtesy: 123rf.com

By Anneke Steenkamp
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